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Too $hort

"Believe In Me"

[Intro: Ivory P.]
Say bitch, you know what I'm talking 'bout
Aye, if you gon' believe in something, why not believe in us?
You know what I'm talking 'bout, this Mr. Ivory P
You know what I'm talking 'bout, something very young active and attractive
Ready to be elected, its elected ya' dig by a bad bitch
Yeah lets go to the moon and form the stars on the way ho
You know what I'm talking 'bout, that's for real ya' dig
Yeah Mr. Ivory P., a pimp said that ho you know what I'm talking 'bout for real
You either gonna go fast or slow bitch you know what I'm talking 'bout
Aye and I want a ho you know what I'm saying with a turban ass like kin' said ya' dig

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
I just knocked your ho give up her clothes, it's gone
If I was a mother fucking band, I'd be a baritone
If I was a mother fucking car I be a Phantom stretch
I got a 850 Benz, they ain't made that bitch yet
Left the money with the dealer, come out I'm a get it
You say that you a baller, but you leasing your rent
Leaning, scheming, sinning, you need the lord
So when I’m in front you, she think she speaking to a God
Ain't indecisive but a ten percenter
The girl tired of losing so she choosing a winner
Grip so much wood bitch my hand got a splinter
Call my bottle told 'em guess whose coming for dinner?
She said who? I said a horse like you
To suck her pussy out, no dick 'til she drop it out
Push it out big money stay drug free
If you gon' believe in something bitch believe in me

[Chorus: Pimp C]
If you gon' believe in something, well well well, why not believe in me
Pimp game never die, live to tell the truth even when I tell a lie
If you gon' believe in something, well well well, why not believe in me
Cause I'm ice cold, bend over let me see it, don't touch your toes

[Verse 2: Cory Mo]
Please believe it, if I said it, I meant it
I keep it pimping at all times, you with it, I'm with it
The windows be tinted, them 4's be spinning over the speed limit
It's Cory Mo, where the dro at my nigga? I ain't tripping

[Verse 3: Hezeleo]
It's easily on the high rise
Nigga we trill, give a fuck about the rest of you guys
I'm a truth around yonder
I'm flipping the Benz, while you flipping in yo' baby-mama's Honda
I'm a O.G bonafide, old school so cool
Sock it to a bitch and make it stick like soul food
If it ain't about the money then what we gon' do?
If I teach you how to get it, could you bring me some money boo?

[Verse 4: BankRoll Jones]
Need a pimp bankroll, don't just take a application
365, ho ain't taking no vacation
24/7, I'm the man to dedication
One of the few you should believe in me and early doctor patient

[Chorus: Pimp C]

[Verse 5: Young Toe]
Take notes from this pimp shit
But don't choke when my dick in your throat bitch
I'm Young Toe aka wake a bitch quick
Slash take a nigga bitch slash make her make me rich
Peep swag ho, I'm a Pimp C like Chad ho
Underdawg, young hogg, want some asshole
It's UGK all day I want the purse first
Gon' believe in the D, believe in T.O.E church

[Verse 6: Doe B]
Aye, aye
Young B Doe keep two quarter piece, cross breeze
Fresh braids, fresh shades, riding in something from cross seas
From P.A to the Bay, I got some brain surgeons
They'll get me 6 figures a year, so daddy stay flirting
It's nothing close your eyes and see I'm still that nigga
Your bitch chose me she follow me on Twitter
You better get her 'fore I show you how I do 'em
I bleed they ass dry and let my partners ride through 'em

[Chorus: Pimp C]

[Outro: Pimp C]
Yeah and all these old fake ass pimp niggas up out here
Nigga get yo' shit together, you know what I'm talking 'bout
I remember one time mane, me and Good Game we at the track
Mayne these niggas picked up they mother fucking hoes up mane
You know what I'm talking 'bout
And they hollering pimping around this mother fucker
Nigga get your shit together boy, you mother fuckers ain't pimping
Mane ya'll scared as a mother fucker mane
Yeah, but these hoes believing in the truth around here
You know what I'm talking 'bout bitch
And we is the truth in and out the mother fucking booth
365 man I'm so mother fucking live bitch and high
I can believe I can touch the got damn sky
Yeah this ? ho you know what I'm talking 'bout
And we got trophies to prove it in this mother fucker mane

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