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Too $hort

"Made 4"

[Hook: Too $hort & Pimp C]
It was made for licking, a whole lot of sticking
That's what your pussy's made for
It was made for fucking, a whole lot of sucking
That's what your pussy's made for
It was made for hoeing, a whole lot of blowing
That's what your pussy's made for
It was made for popping, made for dropping
That's what your pussy's made for

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
You know what you got to do, you got to pay how you weigh
Like the candy bar bitch, everyday is PayDay
Like the candy car bitch, the chrome lady got the way
Fittin' to hit that Miami, Pimp, $hort and Jazze Pha
We got to the beach, the ground was so sandy
Bitches on my dick like ants on candy
She say she want to choose, say she prime time
All I really got is pimp game and some dick from behind
No pay, no play that's me
No promo concerts, no dick for free
No freestyle sessions cause I don't waste rap
And I'm a show you how to put you pussy hole on a map

[Hook: Too $hort & Pimp C]

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
Swallow the pussy, everything you see
Pussy buys me cloth, pussy buys me weed
They treat me like a king, they all want to crown me
I live by the pussy cause it's always around me
I put him in the mix like a blender
You ain't pimping if you ain't gon' send her
If she brings you back some money, she's a winner
But if you pay her, man you can't say you pimped her
If she want to choose, you got to tell her whats your fee
These bitches got to pay to sign up with me
Cause pimps and hoes, we don't fuck for free
We get paid and live the life of luxury

[Hook: Too $hort & Pimp C]

[Verse 3: Pimp C]
I'm a show you what to really do with that ho
You a real live whore, fit the prostitute more
I could see you with that lady master piece on your wrist
Put you on my DVD sell that pussy on the disc
It's better then fucking for a dinner and a movie
Your pussy going platinum bitch the game is too groovy

[Verse 4: Too $hort]
That's too much game for these bitches trust
What you gonna do with that pussy? Bitch
You can buy some new shoes with it
You can buy a house if you know what to do with it
But if you give it away, you know what?
You's a punk ass bitch ho tramp and a slut

[Hook: Too $hort & Pimp C]

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