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Too $hort

"Style Of X-Pression"

[Verse 1]
Non-commercial lyrics run like Hershel
Walking fast cause I'm a smooth talker
Appeal the feel, but don't praise and kneel
Just heal
And always look for the seal that's real
Top Dog, looking up to say what is this
Kid Rock serious and I mean business
Ascending up and up I keep boosting
Making hit records like Whitney Houston
With a mind of violence, right, I might
Blow the show teachers speaking yo, I cut MP's
To release to each and be friends of
Every single, individual

Everybody all over the world, it's time for understanding
Come together

[Verse 2]
Jumbo, yo that's how I'm moving
I'm the new kid in, here's what I'm giving
A jammed, slamming, command that take authority
Cause too many MC's appear apart of me
Name and they claim me, yo, that they're winning
A lotta just came in, sound the same in
Thinking they swift and can get with these young men
But I keep the crowd swinging like Tarzan
Cause I'm a wise man here to teach and speak
And if you step out of line your up shits creek
So come with it, Kid Rock's gonna get it
His style ain't dope, its a throat, and I slit it
I'm raw like cowhide, smooth like a plane ride
No half stepping, I always take a full stride
Who came played and they say I'm concrete made
I used to come correct in the projects
New Port, Oxford, deep in the basement
House and parties like real estate agent
So on, so strong, and everyone got along
Knowledge is power, and there's a point to this song


[Verse 3]
Now as I said my prayers through the years I shed a few tears
Cause it's unjust when I see my peers get shot
And dropped and forgot, now that's hot
Too many can't score as victims of a drug war
Cocaines ran and weapons are shipped out
The press finds out, then the public is tripped out
New tax the acts and half the drug industry
Uncle Sam is my man, are you kidding me
Me in the White house, now that's fucked up
For one to get over, one must get stuck up
One will roll up, another will smoke up
Two more thrown in jail, who picks the toll up
Tell her to beware if she's gonna stand there
Eyes bugged out and hands in the air
Cause there comes an onlooker, looking for a hooker
And act like the doors overlooked her and took her
For a place to hide and when he got his ride
He let the nice slide and the girl, she died
Her family cried over this homicide
And why they pondered, why she wandered
Left her own spot, her home, her mom and pop
All to smoke a little cooked up rock
So on and so strong, she couldn't get along
Knowledge is power, and there's a point to this song


[Verse 4]
From the outskirts with a mind like Albert Einstein
Maybe I'm ahead of my time
Imaginate, create, spectate, elevate from the states
Surrounded by the Great Lakes
I was once out cold at 15 years old
Rolled and sold, you, me, and Bo
Sitting in Jackson infested with rats
With a silver gat tucked deep in my slacks
I was a young bad mother in my own eyes
But now I realize it wasn't too wise
So now I teach, I'll reach to each
And every single individual

Everybody all over the world, its time for understanding
Come together[X3]
Come[?]come[?]come[?]come together

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