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Too $hort


[Hook: C-Ballin]
(Ballin') Got a blunt rolled, full of OG
Double lean cup, can't catch me
Grey Goose to the face, and I'm 'bout to go up into space
Like a countdown, 3-2-1 I'm gone, 3-2-1 I'm gone
Like a countdown, 3-2-1 I'm gone, 3-2-1 I'm gone

[Verse 1: E-40]
3-2-1, I'm gone (Outta here!)
My screen cracked on my phone (Thug!)
They try to foreclose my home (Take it!)
Now I'm gettin' my bank all long (I'm back!)
Take baby steps, stay safe (Longevity!)
Legends ain't built in a day (Work!)
Quarter platinum plaques in the hallway (Money!)
Not Frank Sinatra but I did it my way (Mine!)
Cut the top off the coupe, that's surgery (Serious!)
Must be blind deaf dumb if you ain't heard of me
"Versace, Versace," I did that in the 90s!
With 2Pac and $hort and the Click and K-Ci from Jodeci
Big face crown on my wrist (Rolex!)
Finish face designer necklace (Corey!)
Big chubby nigga but I'm dope (Saucy!)
You can't see me with a telescope (Bossy!)


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I keep it straight like a band too (band too)
I keep it straight like 12:30 (12:30)
I fuck over your bitch hairdo
If it's curly I straighten it, if it's straightened, I leave it curly
I use baking soda for the recipe
If you mixing with me you get an extra key (ha!)
And if I wasn't an only child (only child)
My parents would have had an extra G
Got dinero on dinero, man, dope boys is my heroes
I got jewelry like a Pharaoh, I still get it for the L-O
And it's hard for me to let go and it's hard for me to drive
Gettin head and gettin high, man, I make that pussy echo
Known for hit and runs, so I hope you got that gecko
Put it in yo muthafuckin face like a freckle


[Verse 3: E-40]
Slid in the function by my lonesome (Lonesome!)
Left out the function wit yo woman (Woman!)
Pockets deeper than the Red Sea (Peep! See!)
Quarter million worth of jewelry (Jeweller!)
Banked up, hella scrill, when I take a shower
Fuck a towel, bitch, I use a hundred dollar bill!
I'm feeling how I'm posed to feel, off the sauce, I'm a boss (Boss!)
Tryna fuck on every bad bitch I come across (Cross!)
Loyal to my soil, purple bag Crown Royal (Liquor!)
L.A. Confidential sprinkled with the hash oil (Wax!)
(What is you?) Money motivated
(Where you be?) In the streets like bullet-shell casings (Bow!)
I'm crack, nasal candy on the microphone (Dope!)
So much gas I need to own a Chev-a-ron
She on like a light-switch, y'all! (Switch y'all!)
On a pill, I ain't talking Tylenol (Bitch!)


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