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Too $hort

"Tater Chips"

Verse 1


(Ad lib) Lawd Lawd Lawd!

It’s kinda hard for me to grab a pen and write my shit clean
Cause if you look inside my head it’s like a Joe Pro sex scene
I’m letting hot ho’s neck stretch while they choke on a hot Texas Burrito size
Then I’m skeetin’ right in they eye
It’s like surprise just like it was her birthday
Now bitch take your clothes off and serve me pussy like a waitress
I give you unbelievable dick surreal just like the Matrix
Make it make tricks and put some gin in the mix
My dick is two sizes too big, spend time it loose lips
Just to make a bitch shut up, before I nut up
Now who’s pussy want to get cut up by The Gangster?
Make you pretend this dick is just like a knife and make it shank her
Like Orenthal (OJ Simpson)
You got a big pussy? I want it all
I want to play your step daddy and take you to the ball
Ya’ll hear this shit and be like, “This nigga should stop it!”
But I’m a dirty nigga and this year I’m coming out the closet


Don’t know what you want from me girt
I give you hot dick and Tater Chips girl
I give you green weed and Hennessy girl
But you can never seem to stay from me girl

Don’t know what you want from me girl
I give you hot dick and Tater Chips girl
I give you E pills and Alize girl
But you can never seem to stay from me girl

Verse 2

Eldorado Redd

(Ad lib) Uhh!

Yeah bitch don’t say shit just sit back and be quiet
Let me introduce you to this hot dick Tater Chip diet
Man these ho’s be falling in love the1st time that they try it
All hypnotized and gone mind blown damn Holme
What you need to get right? You wanna pop a pill or something?
Baby look, they don’t call me Baby Chocodill for nothing
Cutting em up keep it pimpin’ doing magic on these ho’s
Abracadabra, look how fast she out her clothes
Now for” Bobbilation”. If you don’t know that’s head Bobbin’
Heres a demonstration, nothing but slurping’ and slobbing
That’s how it goes
You hearing it 1st from Eldorado, go head and swallow as
I proceed to pop my collar
Yeah you doing good. Feel good about it yeah you should
I know you love it cause I’m a legend round the hood
Eldorado Redd, the Ghetto James Bond nigga
Sip big liquor can’t help but laugh her tongue ring tickle


Verse 3

Too $hort

How you gonna stop this shit?
I came in the party trying to knock your bitch
You need to step back my friend
On a date with your girl trying to act like a pimp
Who you gonna pimp tonight?
You can’t make a ho your wife
You can’t make your wife your ho
Can’t get it right, would you like to know?
I was hard on bitches at a young age
I had game i always wanted to play
And that’s how it mother fucking goes
I burn so much rubber on these ho’s
High performance I ain’t hitting no switches
$hort Dog what you got for these bitches?
Not a god damn thing
Instead of money and jewels I give her game


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