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Too $hort

"Hustle Hard"

Check 1, 2 man
You are about to witness
The essence of a real money getta'

Hustle hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle hard

[Verse 1: Cold 187um]
Yeah, y'all, I come from the land of the smog
Where niggas stay with a attitude and live above the law, uh
Where we pimp for fashion
And ain't no eagle when it come to get the cash in
Uh, We keep it gangsta for sho'
Like Snoop Dogg on the handlebars with the blowed out afro
Real bossy type, we about that scrap
Give a fuck about a snitch if he found behind yellow tape
We say night night nigga
Hope you have a wonderful time as you sleep with the fishes
That's how we regulate round here
A lot of niggas haters round here
Cause we get money and really give a fuck
That you stuck in your rep
We understand it's hard to be niggas like us
We don't ghetto, we dip low, we big ball, we shine
That's why we end up first at the finish line, bitch

Hustle hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle hard

[Verse 2: Too Short]
I'm a bald ass youngster still get a lot of paper
I'm true the game I'll never be a traitor
If ya bitch work for me she'll be doing hard labour
I run my shit like a motherfucking dictator
Too Short, don't forget the dollar sign
That's my name, better have it if ya holla mine
I do it big, bitch so don't call me Shorty
30 years of making money like my nigga E-40

[Verse 3: E-40]
Uh, hustle hard, never let a motherfucker pull your hoe card
Never let a motherfucker treat you like a bitch
Toot his ass up man punch him in his lips
About my money, yes I am
Never leave the crib without 10 grand
Fuck what you heard bitch I'm the man
Ain't nobody playin', this ain't recess
I ain't gonna, Baby got drums on deck
Catch in the traffic and I'm on your neck
You the type of nigga give ya' bitch your check

Hustle hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle hard

[Verse 4: Cold 187um]
Yeah, we hustle hard, we stand tall, we never fall
We ball all day yelling: "Fuck the law"
Dipping hard, pimpin with my nigga Todd Shaw
We shutting down everybody city when it me, him and E-40
Chickens be getting naughty at the after party
Tell 'em chill mommy, you don't even know half the story
I'm from the land that funded the contras
Taught you how to survive and live straight outta Compton
We do major weight state to state, we don't hesitate
We just elevate, while you hate and you masturbate
We go get that G's, while you freeze
And live on your knees, we just straight blow up
With big nuts while you follow us
We just don't sit back then complain that we can't come up
We set up a lick, hit your block in an armored truck
We all out for them dead presidents
Cause if it don't make cent how the fuck can we make millions

We on the come up
Shooting dice, tryna come up
Bitches, jewelery, checks
Tryna come up
Rolling state to state
Tryna come up
Bitches, jewelery, checks
Tryna come up
With another come up
We gone come up
All-day nigga with another come up
And where i'm from we are

Hustle hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle hard

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