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Too $hort

"Super Rhyme Maker"

Kid Rock! Kid Rock! Kid Rock! Kid Rock!
(The rhyme was def and it went this way)
Sway to the groove that no one tops
And move to the Kid in black Reeboks
Not a teen heartthrob but I rock the set
So fuck Corey Haim and Johnny Depp
And let's go to the authority of Jive
New school in the house and I'm all the way live
With Black Man I know you get into
'Cause he cuts just like a motherfuckin' Ginsu
Blades sway, Bally's OK
MCs please step not my way
Or I'll become your Undertaker
Huh, 'cause I'm the...

Super Rhyme Maker

Bonnie shades
And a high top fade
So low you know on the mic with no aid
You didn't think in a blink no way
That I'd make the grade
But now you sayc "I use to go to school with him"
I use to go to dot dot bim
I use to know his older brother
I use to be his eighth-grade lover
Talk is cheap and the speech is weak
"He use to go with me," wrong you were my freak
I never gave a hoot
If a girl was cute
All I wanted was a piece and to knock the boots
And then they get dissed
Crossed off my list
Throw a bend and my behind would get kissed
Just like so, world, the girls would go low
Just like Jacques Cousteau
And blow
Up come my drawers, see ya, gotta go
It's too plain
Kid Rock's the name
And I run my game
From Frisco to Maine
Never fell in love
'Cause I'm a girl heart-breaker
But still I built my skills and I'm the
Cause I'm the...

Super Rhyme Maker
Come on, Yeah
Sup Sup Sup
Super Rhyme Maker
Come on, Yeah
(Come On)
Super Ryhme Rhyme
(Come On)
Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme
(Come On, Come On)
Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme
(Come On, Come On, Come On)
Rhyme Maker

Stop the madness
You never had this
Wild style or my b-boy badness
Running the show
Clocking the dough
And Juliet'd get fucked if I was Romeo
But I'm not, I'm Kid Rock
Flat top and all
Not Michael Jackson spinning singing off the wall
But making everyone wonder how I thump like thunder
Got over like a mother
While you went straight under
And now you can't stand
The way I jam
Hold the mic in my hand
And rock the whole land
Man get jealous if you want to
But either way I'm gonna do what I have to do
Cause I work to hard to make ends match
Started from scratch
And took a lot of crap
But now I'm like a wild horse no one can catch
And I'm a bad mother fucker
(Believe that)
I'll pop on top more flop won't stop
Make every girl in the house want a piece of the Rock
And then I'll bring a new swing
To make it understood the Kid's running things
Mostly because I'm not an MC faker
And the rest because I'm the...

Microphone master
Super Rhyme Maker
Come On Yeah
Sup Sup Sup
Alright cut it
Sup Sup Sup
Super Rhyme Maker
Come On Yeah
Sup Sup Sup Sup
Super Rhyme Rhyme Rhyme
Rhyme Rhyme Maker

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