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Too $hort

"Post to Be Remix"

Ya boy Wash
I make it look so easy
[Ooh yeah]

Yo chick come close to me
I already know she gon’ want the D
Take her home, make her roll the weed
F*ck her real good like you s’post to be
Now she cooking eggs and some toast for me
This is how the remix ‘post to be
This how it ‘post to be
Ain’t another singing nigga cold as me

[Verse 1:]
They do the most to me
Jokes to me yeah
I ain’t tripping
I’m just bagging all their women like groceries
No it ain’t fair
She love when I’m pulling her hair
I’m so high but I’m going down low
Cupid shot your booty with a bow and arrow
I ain’t talking bout swimming when I give this backstroke
If we start upon the bed we gon’ end up on the floor
F*ck it out for me
Girl I love the way you moan and scream
Just grind on me and don’t tap out
And don’t tap out
Girl quiet please I can hear your body calling me
And when I hear, I make you cum
Girl don’t you run [no]
Don’t you run now baby [oh baby]
Oh baby girl you ain’t got to run [oh no]
Don’t you run now baby [oh baby]
Ass so good got me thinking you the one
[I’m thinking you the one]


Yo we out here just having a little fun
You know what I mean?
2015 baby, let’s go!

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