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Too $hort

"Fetty’s Song (It Was All A Dream)"

[Hook x 2: Commodores]
Marvin, you was a friend of mine
And he could sing a song, his heart in every line

[Bridge: Rowdy Rebel]
This one for my little bro man
We made it through the struggle through the pain alone nigga
Actually my little bro they ain't no going back
Whatever you want go get that shit nigga
I love you little nigga

[Verse 1: Rowdy Rebel]
This one is for my little brother just to show him I love
Nigga started from the bottom, yea we made it from nothing
We was wild and bagging
Mom and pops get [...]
It was end of discussion
We had to get it, it's nothing
Then late nights and them hard times, I tell my little nigga it's just part time

Cuban link, with them minks, yea shine time
Booked a flight with the team, it's just part time
My pops the realist nigga I know
A 1 from day 1, only lord knows
Never thought I would be on these award shows
Men it's crazy how the lord works
So you know I always put my fam first, till my bones get weak and my hands get hurt
We survive on this man earth
Put a smile on God's child, his plan works

[Hook x 1: Commodores]

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