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Too $hort

"Sure Shot Singles: Underground Kingz (UGK) – “Front, Back & Side To Side”"

“Front, Back & Side To Side”
Jive Records
Production: Pimp C

UGK are nationally-renowned for placing gritty crime & drug scene tales over slower-than-average tracks. For “Front, Back & Side To Sid,e, however, they approach lighter-hearted themes. Instead of gunplay and tragic violence, they deliver an ode to their ride, a prized possession loaded with accessories. Over beats dominated with brutal snare, bubbling soul organs, woofer-rattling bass and effects that recall Whodini’s “I’m A Ho,” they lovingly discuss clean-ass Dayton wheels, bumping stereos and hydraulics that cause the superride to bounce in the many directions noted in the song’s title. What’s exceptional is the detail ised to describe accessories, the insider’s information rarely heard on other ride-related tracks: where it’s Bun B discussing his “chrome dipped” woofers as “a six pack of 12’s in the trunk” or Pimp C talking about his “triple-gold, double laced Daytons.”

     During a guest appearance, one of the Kingz’ partners elaborates: “Smoke the jack town mack in a Caddy/ six fuckin’ 15’s hittin’ harder than a nigga’s daddy/ and all you ho’s gettin’ dick in the back/ goin smack/from a country ass, gold teeth, chicken eatin’ mack/cause I’m a player that get’s sweet & gushy/I’ll take your bitch to my crib and throw a party on that pussy/ …fine ass big booty bitches in my ride/cause it’s got the front back…and side to side.”

     The extended remix strengthens the original’s music and offers a G-Funk variation on the theme. Pianos appear, 808 thumps produce basslines and synths add a softer touch. Its more laidback pace will appeal to the hustler and player types, while beat-seeking hip-hop heads might want to stick with Pimp C’s original.

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