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Too $hort

"Don't Miss You"

[Verse 1: Smoov-E]
I know it sounds crazy, I know it sounds dumb
I hate everything about you but I still miss your tongue
Did you really think the shit would ever last
Cause five minutes in, I was tonguing your ass
Smoov [?], Smoov alabasterd
Damn Smoov [?]sure is a bastard
I blocked your number cause that's what I do
I miss that big ass but I don't miss you

[Hook] x2
Miss your hair, nails, eyes, smell
But I don't miss you
Miss your face, hugs, gifts, drugs
But I don't miss you

[Verse 2: Dirt Nasty]
Off the bat should've know you'd be trouble
Cause on the first date, we got wasted and I fucked you
Called me daddy, I made you scream uncle
Said I love you but I still don't trust you
And I can still smell you on my pillow
And no I ain't mad that you stole all my dildos
So now that it's over
I think you should know your pussy got fish odor


[Bridge: Smoov-E]
You thought we were together, you must be mistaken
I'm Smoov-E baby, this ain't Kevin Bacon
Sexy at first until you get to know her
Now all I wanna do is run the bitch over
If I had a way I would change my mind
But you're just a big fucking waste of time


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