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Too $hort

"Ride With Me"

Come take a ride with me
Let's ride

Hey baby girl, you should come take a ride with me
(come take a ride with me)
I won't try any funny stuff, best believe
(baby, you best believe)
So fine, I can't keep my eyes on the road
(can't keep my eyes on the road)
So I took my pants off and hit cruise control
(Gonna hit cruise control)

[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty]
I've been faded since the 80's, get naked with the ladies
Call me Dirt Nasty, bitches go crazy
Can't stop rapping, addicted to the action
You're the main squeeze, I'm the main attraction
You could bring your kid, leave him in the crib
Said you could bow down to this Arabian prince
I'll be a player forever, buried in leather
Hanging my dick out the Porsche Carrera

It's all good, we could call a hood girl or 2
Or 3, or 4
And I got enough dick for you and your crew
You gonna need some more

You can't drive stick but you could ride dick
Road head in the rain man, I hope I don't flip
Parking lot pimp, holler at your bitch
Doing 69 on Route 66


[Verse 2: Smoov-E]
Windows rolled up, light that smelly
I know you're name's Sarah but I kept saying Kelly
Thumb in her mouth, dank in my hand
You ever fucked in a luxury sadan
Two minutes later, i'm tonguing her ass
And i haven't touched the pussy, I like it fast
Smoov don't quit, Smoov don't stop
You ever get fucked in the parking lot
Everytime you look back, her pussy face the other way
As I bite in the crab, I stab and I pump away
Put your pants on, then it's back to my mission
The bitch like to talk but I never do listen
Got the stereo bump bumping Spoonie Gee
If you want your skit turned up then call smoov-e

Come take a ride with me
Baby, you best believe
Can't keep my eyes on the road
Gonna hit cruise control


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