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Too $hort

"Get Ya Weight Up"

[Verse 1:]
Attention, all light as a feather, gravity fine ass niggas
You need to get ya weight up playa, it’s ridiculous at dis point
I mean, I can hear yo light ass chain rattlin when you come in d club
Nigga sound like Santa Claus, jus ching-a-ling-a-ling, ching-a-ling-a-ling
Ridin aroun town in dat light ass vehicle
Errtime yo cellphone ring yo CD playa stop
It’s a damn shame nigga, yo car ain’t big enough
Yo bank ain’t big enough, yo gun ain’t big enough an yo dank ain’t big enough
Get yo hate down an get yo mothafuckin weight up, niggaaaa!

[Chorus 1:]
What we ‘sposed to do ma nigga, what we ‘sposed to do?Get ya weight up [x4]

(Look out pimp)

[Verse 2:]
Took a little break in d action (action), now I rip back at em
In ma pomegranate hemi arti challenger smashin
Wid a bottle a richard hennessy cognac in ma fuckin lap
An a once a broccoli in ma draws on ma apple phone talkin smack
A nigga rick like dido slap so you know I had to beat d dack outta yo speakers shakin like they on crack
Ma feet d same colour as ma pink Borrelli ties
Got a pocket full a bank an some Blossom cigarette lights
Put on ma sleeves an jacket an jeans an slacks (jeans an slacks)
Pullin on some greens in ma partna’s garage shootin craps
Bet a nine or five befo’ I 7 eleven
Then I hit ma partna, whose side bettin ma nigga, lemme hit dat joint
Got siamese in da summer, an rallies in d winter
When it rains rubber bands full of hundreds an twenties an fifties, no loose change
God’s gift to d gang, got everybody using E 40 slang
Regular household name, gimme d fetti an d fame

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2:]
Couple cars, couple cribs (get ya weight up)
Few hands on ma zips (get ya weight up)
Flip one into two’s (get ya weight up)
Cashed out now flossin ma jewels[x2]

[Verse 3:]
Pull a piskorz outta trees, ma ninjas ain’t ancient humble
See dem bushes right dere, yep dats where we had our bundle
Ain’t nobody poppin few, we do dis fo’ bread an meat
Ma niggas thirsty out here beefin wit niggas cross d street
Four funerals this week, playin have no sleep
We were all supposed to meet, but niggas nowadays they cheap
Gotta stay wit yo heap, gotta stay wit yo squeeze
Ma name ain’t Tyler Perry but I pack pistols like Madea
Then they get egg on bread, but they ain’t put cheese on tha pizza
They on tha boy head, like some stripes on a zebra
With so many out here in d pain, don’t think that it’s cute
40 you live in d burbs, playa how you stay in d loop
I done seen it an lived it an done it, niggas don’t want it
I keep it 100 not only dat but I’m from it
Some a you suckaz can’t tell a prune from a pulp
A crawfish from a prawn, a lake from a fuckin pond

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 4:]
Put it a yowder up in d pot, let it simmer an bathe
Put a little bit a water an arm an hammer to let it foam like aftershave
I like to serve ma work west so it weigh a hella lot more
You can smell d residue an d fumes from next door
When it comes to cookin I’m a pro, a chemist from head to toe
Everybody know where I’m from, the lighthouse
I don’t tell ma brawd too much cause you know dese brawds can get messy
They turn when they mad an call d law whenever they ready
Gotta be sharp like a machete, solid not bitch may
Saucy like spaghetti, one day ima get saved
Right now I’m havin fetti, tryna maintain ma title
On ma knees prayin every night, readin ma Bible
Lookin out fo’ rivals, sleepin next to ma rifle
Olive oil on ma forehead for ma survival
Drinkin ma worries away in dis human zoo
Tryna bust up out dis cage ma ninja dats what it do

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Get up yo ass an stop playin (get ya weight up)
Try to stack a hundred gran (get ya weight up)
Throw yo turf in d skye:] (get ya weight up)
Hustle now, playa rest when you die

[Chorus 2]


Yea mayne, get ya mothafuckin weight up, junior!
(Get ya weight up nigga!)
Get up off yo mothafuckin ass, nigga start havin yaypron (ha!)
Get yo mothafuckin ass up an stop playin, put it all in d mothafuckin bank
Niggas always tryna blame summin on summin nigga (ha!)
Nigga I ain’t tryna blame shit on d white mayne
Nigga I ain’t tryna blame summin on dis bitch
Get ya mothafuckin weight up, get ya yaypron
Stop playin wit money, get yo chalupaz nigga, get yo yetti nigga
Get yo mothafuckin allowance bitch! as a grown man
The fuck wrong wit you niggas, hoe,hooeee!

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