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Too $hort

"Get Loose"

Ge-ge-ge-get, get get loose now, ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-get, get loose now [x2]

[Verse 1:]
They put a hole in his roof the size of a hoola-hoop
Got on him wit d double d sturd they got loose
Finally got him, finally spun d track, stick a fork in him he done, an ain’t no comin back
I’m official, not artificial, up late night like Jimmy Kimmel
Don’t take but a second for me to knock me a grizzle
Get her coochie hot like a griddle like it’s a lit up cigarette light (cigarette light)
Slick talk her canal, make d bitch think I’m a writer
I throw her knuckle I change up ma curb ball or a slider
Become her mentor, her manager, her financial adviser
Got d cash money but ma name ain’t Tiger
Woods cause I don’t pay hoes to give up d goods (goods)
Ma uncle was a pimp, grandpapa too, I don’ know what else I could do
But push dese rhymes like a broken down car, fuck wit d pickle jar, get ma money up up da par, real talk like Bill Marr


[Verse 2:]
Uh, Cousin Fik
You know I get loose like a new pair a tooth
An I talk about fuckin more dan Doctor Loose
Drop d top on d coupe like oops
But don’t get juice cause I got d trade deuce
While d bottle full a goose trunk kick like Bruce
All I spit is venom like a brown wit cloos
I’m on a bitch hair like mousse, feel me like a masseuse I get neck like a noose
The truth, honey proof, in tha roof wit da Maloofs
Showin up, powin up, sick wid it so you know I got em blowin up
Hope from mentazine but I’m never slowin up
If you reppin where you from, then throw it up
Say she wanna move so I gotta see d proof now
Yea you got a cute smile, get loose now


[Verse 3:]
Beasty, boastful, bossy, gettin loose, shakin suckaz up off me
Wid a bad bitch ridin wit d roof down, fuck her mouth like I’m tryna knock her tooth out
(get loose) Havin thangs, livin dreams, makin veggies, putting greens
Chains hella heavy but they still light, diamonds in ma teeth, errthang I say is bright
(Genius) got yo venus on ma penis, yea baby tell me I’m d best real nigga nucleus
Nigga you d boostiest, catch me in I’m in Budapest (Budapest)
Euros, pounds, zeroes, you savin hoes, you a hero (you a hero)
Ass on yo mass, smash fo’ d cash, savage fo cameras, ravage for d ravage, beasts for d buffs
Gettin loose on d sluts, big stick like Moses shinin like King Tut

Ge-ge-ge-get, get get loose now, ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-get, get loose now [x6]

Get loose now[x2]

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