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Too $hort

"Ride 4 Me"

Hey, hey
Wassup little homie
Yo big homie what's goin' down?
Get in nigga

Ride, this mothafucka fresh
Ya ride with me, I need ya to hit a corner with me
Let's do this
Yeah, nigga I know you like dis, nigga
I gonna said you one day up
Ya this be some gangsta shit right here

Check this out though lil' homie
I got this move for ya man
This sucka ass nigga over here
We gunna pull up on this nigga house right here
Nigga, stay right here

This nigga a bitch, man
Ya you know this nigga, he's from the hood
Nigga ain't kickin' this shit
He got major, major chips
We're tryin' to have a piece of that
Check it out though

I want you to slide up to the do'
When this nigga open up the do'
Dogg, I want you to go and lay him down
This nigga ain't gunna do shit, he's a bitch
You da little homie

He can't do nothin' to you, nowhere
That's on everything
Now go on in there and handle that shit
[Incomprehensible] I be waitin' out here on ya
It's done double OG, be right back

Oh, shit
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh
[Incomprehensible] motherfuckin' roll nigga
Slow your roll

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