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Too $hort

"Baby Mama Drama"

What the fuck is this? Child support papers? What?

You didn't have to file on me, you turned my child on me
Why you had to file on me? You turned my child on me

As I lay myself to sleep at night
I pray the lord my soul to keep, so I can try to do right
There's no one else that I can turn to
I'm asking a favor, oh just once
Oh Jesus Christ, lord I'm asking you
Gave to this world a young baby, know one life is crazy
Promise to live the righteous life of the path of my babies
Watch the clouds spread, and it shades my heart
My relationship fell apart
Don't know where it ended, sure can tell you just
How it started
She filed child support, and it's really cold hearted
I've been taking care of you and your kid, all of my life
Mad at me cause I wouldn't make you my wife
I've done a lot of crazy things in my days
Killing to get that weapon named, robbing just to get paid
Now how much more can I bear, and I explode inside
Still asking myself why...


"Lil" C-Style:
I'm like "what, child support?"
Man, who ever thought I would get filed on
Uh, you know what I'm saying?
Do gangsters get filed on child support? Hell yeah they do
I got filed on, I ain't the only one out the crew
Uh, child support, have I got something for 'em, uh?

I, I, I, I walk by faith, and not by sight
Living day by day, praying night after night
Cause I'm seeing so much, so much lust lust lust
And every pretty girl I see, I wanna touch touch touch
You think I'm doing too much or what?
I'm dating the preacher's daughter, and getting the toe up
And every time she drinks she gets drunk and throws up
If I'm on the spot, you know she's surfing on my (??)
Look in her best, from the back bend over
Now she's eight months, got me buying me baby clothes, and I stroll up
Writing her lawyer, talking 'bout how much I owe her
Wrote him back, "I can't do a damn thing for ya"
All I can do, is just take care of my daughter
Thirty days later I got a court order
She filed on me, cold game, she filed on me, uh


Now I'm sitting in court as she's trying to get everything
From my house and my cars to my gold rings
Trying to drain a brother just like dreino, you know the same old
Situation's occurred, got me sitting on the curbs
Smoking a bomb joint, trying to pull my point
Every night I get the marihuana, thinking it would take away the pain
Waking up the next morning, and thing are still the same

Big C-Style:
I did so much, to get so little
Paid more than the court even asked of me
But loving no more, not even a parlay? And you want me to pay?
It's not like it's for my baby, it's more like for you and your nigga
Why you have to lie on me, and turn my child on me

Chorus (3 times)

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