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Too $hort

"N Fronta Ya' Mama House"

Out Fronta Yo Momma House
Be Yakkin
15, standin in the driveway where they can't stand me

[Verse 1:]
Woke Up This Morning
Drivin free ya music and ya boy Jive
Backstabbas in the place and give me a lil space
With all due respect neva touch this place
Paper Makin, and tha Scraper Scrapin
No fakin bitch, taken, all gas through a Blaken?
Corner Like A Right Steel
Naw I Ain't Here ta Check
Hate The Game, Not The Player, Man you ain't a threat
Paint white, tangerine, coke-white guts
On 22's, beat slappin, roof-not-touch
Two 1200's pushin 415's
And a '68 Cougar
The Gorillaz Is Mean(Naw-Mean?)
I'm here ta wake a nigga game up
Quarter-pounds vibratin, I'm Tryna fuck tha flame up
Low-Hi's And Meds
Ride-by-ada-buh-bye, blow the horn, and tell the Kids

[HOOK x2]

[Verse 2:]
Either ya got it, or ya holdin
Cause this shit rollin
Meet me at the Shell Station across the street from Nolan's
Ya'll ain't ready man, I'm ridin heavy man
Soundin like 15, 12 by 9 in the Chevy Van
Can hear It all
450 missed calls
Disturbin the peace
Unleash the beast cavin in the walls
Ugh, he giggin
Whole car in the street
Rollin purple, steerin with my knees
Circle in the ooey-OOEY!
Groovin like a black martin
Out the window with a dooby
Roll another, pass it to me
It was me and Cus Cus ridin smokin
We had the beverage I was chokin, stoked
24, Oakland
Hear me from blocks away
Probably not today
-I can't hear a god damn thing ya sayin!
Shush, I said!
Reppin, Oakland, Holdin It down for the bay!

[HOOK x4]

[Verse 3:]
Beat knockin
Shit bangin
Trunk set trippin
AC on a hot, no sweat pimpin!
Batery numatic
No mattery where I'm at
I gotta hear some shit smack
Smokin w/ tha windows up
Paint in the town
In a black/white car
Only time I turn It down
Neighbors hatin
Cause I got my license plate
I got jacked on the freeway
Them boys a total disgrace
I been gettin whips towed
Told my bitch come soon
Jump in the other load
Switchin gas
Smokin hash
Custom Beat Knockin-

[HOOK x4]

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