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Aidonia Lyrics

Genna Bounce Riddim (2017)

Krazay Riddim (2017)

My Grung Vol. 1 (2017)

Dancehall Bully Riddim (2016)

Pile Up Riddim (2016)


Good Book Riddim (2014)

Tru Colors (2014)

Labwork Vol. 3 (2013)

Revel Riddim (2013)

Tan Tuddy - EP (2013)

Toasted Riddim (2013)

Bad Acid Riddim (2011)

Bad People Riddim (2010)

Fitness Riddim (2009)

Nuh Fear Riddim (2009)

Work Out Riddim (2008)

Bill Back Riddim (2007)

Drumline Riddim (2007)

Then and Now (2007)

Dem Time Deh Riddim (2006)

Other Songs

90's Flow (Gangsta Town)
Bad People
Bad Pickney
Banga (Head Banga)
Big matic
Boom Flick
Boom Gal
Bruk it off
Bubble N Tun - raw
Caribbean Girl
Caribbean Girl (Raw)
Caribbean Girls - Raw
Cyan done (raw)
Dat A Di Ting
Deadly Alliance
Dem Badness Fraud
Evil Head
Fat 40
Fi Di Jockey
Flying Dagger aka 100 Stab
Fuck a Hold Mi
Fuck U Tonite
Get Wild
Go Hard
Good girl weh bad (raw)
Goody Goody
Hey Yo
IG Girls
In Her Belly
In your eyes
Jook So
Jook So - Radio
Jook So - Raw
Lala Land
Like So (Raw Version)
Lyfe O.G. (Life of a Genna)
Miss yuh fuck
Mood For Love
My Queen
No Man To Mi Spliff
Nuh Boring Gyal/Buddy Bruka
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Pon Di Cocky
Pon Di Cocky - Raw
Pretty Please
Run Road
She like me
So Good
So Good (Raw)
Straight Happiness
Tan Tuddy
Tek Time
Tell Me
The hitz volume 1
Tip Pon Yuh Toe
Touch You Tonight (Raw)
Touch Yuh Tonight (Raw)
Ukku Bit
We A Tek It Off
We Get Gyal
Wuk Off You Gal
Yuh can wine (raw)
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