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DJ Khaled

"Sick Of Being Broke"

I can't do this shit, not another day
So sick of being broke

[Hook: (D-Bo)]
In the morning I wake up, I'm tryna get a check up
I'm Sick of being broke (I'm so sick of being broke)
In the trap all day, studio all night
I'm tired of seeing dough
I know it gotta be another way, 'nother way
It gotta be another way, 'nother way
It gotta be another way, 'nother way
I know it gotta be another way
Cause I can't do this shit another day

[Verse 1: (Trae)]
My attitude got me pissed off
Everything 'round me fucked up
Why the fuck I ain't on?
How them niggas lucked up?
This fake eyed guy just fell down
I still ain't put the scale down
I'm sick of seeing broke
This shit damn hot like "bitch I'm hellbound"
No sleep and I get no resting nah
I'm so close but I keep on messing up
I'm holding on but I feel like I'm blasting up
Too many niggas in my hood confessing up
All my life tryna get me a chick
Sitting here broke don't get you respect
I'm in the trap but a nigga wanna switch up
But if I give it up I can't keep my connect
Hustling like my gas slow
Nigga, I said my cash low
Bills ain't take no break
So you know where that cash go
I'm somewhere in my old hood
Thinking of a new day
Yea bitch I'm on that same shit like fuck it ain't no new play


[Verse 2:]
Sick of waking up cold nights
Ain't got location seeda
If I fail I'm strapped with this heater
Yea now, fuck the world I don't need her
I'm in the studio 'til the sun kicks up
I'm in the trap 'til sun fall back down
And I know that it gotta be another way to have my lil niggas on the block put the Mag down
Stand up nigga, never sat down
No matter what this shit is I don't back down
Every day I'm in the gutter all black down
Throw'd bits in the crap getting picked down
Got kids that I gotta make it for
Hard to rap when you stack your paper flow
Then at nights I don't know what I'm gonna do
Guess it all depends what's makin' more
Down to my last cents, yea being broke so past tense
Strikin' it, tryna flip shit
Like fuck it, where my last whip?
Every day I wake up
I'm tryna get this cake up
I'm married to the streets
If she don't pay then we gon' break up

[Hook: x2]

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