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DJ Khaled


Hand me my motherfucking Pelle Jacket
I'm off this

The Hoes, Bitches, Shorty, and Wifey
Which one
Do you
Consider me to be?
Tell me....

Wifey, Shorty, Bitches, Hoes
Wifey, Shorty, Bitches, Hoes
Wifey, Shorty, Bitches, Hoes
Are you?

Now Wifey think she popular, she in the crib
Wifey out food shopping, she got the kids
Wifey doing the dishes, she folding clothes
See she don't care bout his Shorty or the Bitches and Hoes
'Cuz him and Wifey been with each other since they was younger
Wifey know shit like his social security number
When they get into a fight, Wifey call his mother
But what Wifey don't know is that its Shorty on the come up
Shorty the one he take to the barbeques in the summer
When Wifey get the voicemail, Shorty who he in front of
Yeah, he still love her but he love Shorty too
Plus the sex is so crazy and Shorty is so cool
Now he ain't even fucking Wifey, Wifey is old news
Wifey in the house crying, taking they kids to school
He don't answer the phone, Wifey calling niggas in the school
When he don't come home Wifey calling Shorty phone too


Now he mad, and wanna leave Wifey but it's reasons he need her
And yall know how the saying goes "it's cheaper to keep her"
Wifey wanna leave but she scared to lose her status
Besides she rather suffer than to let Shorty have him
Now Shorty chilling, she sort of in the best position
Shorty got her own house and none of his children
Well at least none that's living, 'cuz Shorty stay in the clinics
He barely pipe Wifey so with Shorty he raw in it
Shorty she know his mother, his sisters and his brothers
And they all know not to mention Wifey when they in front of her
He with Wifey Christmas, but Shorty get gifts
And Shorty can't stand his Hoes and his Bitches
She knows he only sees them once in a blue
But feels she shouldn't have to put up with Wifey and them too
So Shorty getting mad, he gives her an excuse
Fuck her and eat her pussy and everything is like new


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