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DJ Khaled

"Erthang Fake"

(Remy Ma speaking)
I just came home and
All these bitches is fake
Nah, I mean
Literally fake
Where my real bitches at?

Yo hair , yo brows
Damn you fake bitch
Ya nails , ya tan
Damn you fake bitch
Ya eyes, ya ass
Damn you fake bitch
Ya tits, ya lashes
Damn you fake bitch
Ya Fake, Fake Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake,Fake
Everything about u fake bitch

[Verse 1: Remy Ma]

Bumping shoulders, fist fighting, and a bitch like me can't take that
Dry blows, subliminals, indirects I hate that
You pussy bitch
You dont want it, We can take it way back
I mean no earrings, face Vaselined, six braids going straight back
(Wudup) And still I stay strapped, straight music bitch Maybach
No leg shots, arm shots, only head shots, put a hole where yo face at
Niggas Call me Rocky, she'll pop on A bitch ASAP
I put in work, just got released, this work release case that
This ugly bitch keep grilling me , hold up where my mases at, where my razor
Ima eat her food, where the fuck my placemat?
Buy my own shit off iTunes, cuz all yall hoes is straight whack
Bitch I'm so old school, this should be on 8 tracks


[Verse 2: Remy Ma]

I'm just laid up, laying bitches down
Mad days, I just lay back
With my eyes red, and my money green
I ain't gotta do shit but stay black
I ain't got time for drawing blood
Homie, don't play that
You got time, you not a thug
Cuz you ain't pay yo fed of state tax
Niggas think it's a game
Cuz they see the ass and tits
So, I put the heat in they face
And I tell em to suck my dick
These rap chicks is sick
Cuz they know Rem spit that mucus
I keep a phone that's smart
Yeah and all my cars is stupid
It gets ugly quickly
So please don't try to get cute bitch
I hear they say I shoot chicks and really live my music
I ain't even gotta do shit
Niggas a do it for me
I personally pop on bitches
Because all yall bitches corny


[Verse 3: Remy Ma]
Fuck Rem look like twerkin'?
Fuck twerkin' she put that work in
I heard she keep a 4-5
And her mase in her Birkin
They try to close her curtains
But shawty, cuz she ain't hurting
Rem free as a bird
But yall still out here chirping
After six and a half years
She sorta like a virgin
She operate that dick
She sorta like a surgeon
The girl cold
Her 36's is Perking
Rem so fresh and clean
She dont need detergent
She don't need no Urban, she don't need no Burban
Her sex drive is crazy, no red light she swervin
She speaking in 3rd person
Charge his card for what she purchase
But he don't care bout prices
Like Revlon cuz she worth it


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