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DJ Khaled

"Boy or Girl"

If I have a girl, I pray she won't be nothing like none of these hoes I have met throughout my life
Treat her now to be a lady hope she don't act like her mother
Treat her to be independent, j-j-just me and my daughter now
If I have a boy I hope he don't be nothing like me when I was young, thought I knew a lot about life
Teach him how to be a man, teach him how to be strong
Tell him how to treat a woman j-j-just me and my son

[Verse 1]
Now I can't lie, daddys feelin kinda nervous
I make your mother mad at times, I don't do it on purpose
I'mma be honest just saying. aight, she don't deserve it
You wouldn't be on the way so all the time we spent she was worth it
Now if she is a girl, she gonna be my daddy's little baby
They niggas ain't shit, stayin away from them cuz they crazy
And treat you like the queen you are, cause you my angel sent from the heavens above
God I can't thank you.. enough
Thought I was gone get fucked but I'm a man gotta stand on my own 2 feet
Do what I can cause I want the best
Not just for us, but for our daughter
Just the thought that I got 1 on the way, makes me go harder
Treat yourself with respect, carry you self like a lady
Go to school get your education you can do it and baby I'll be right there rootin
Like yea that's my girl, I'm your father
Wouldn't trade you for nothing in this world....HEY


[Verse 2]
If I have a boy, he probably gonna have my eyes dress em just like me when we hang out, he match my fly
Then I met every pop on every football game he got
Every step of the way I'mma be there
Unlike my pops. but if he wanna rap and act just like me
I would tell him you can be anything you wanna be
Tryna give you all the things my father ain't give me
See my momma mad cause I I'mma always want you with me
And you know I'mma hold you down, cause you is my little man
Wish me and your mother saw eye to eye so we can could be a fam but I guess that war is done
I wish I could make it work just me and my son but I can't lie I can't stop loving her... go


Can we stop with all the fuss and get back to how we used to to be
I know you hate my ways but by now you should be used to me
Yea I got to stand up, time for me to man up
To all the good dads in the world put ur hands up

Tell him how to treat a woman j-j-just me and my son

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