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DJ Khaled

"Bonus Track"

I got a chopper named charlie
A bitch named charlie wit a chopper on a harley
Thata chop a ho for me
Lil proper snow bunny thatll choppa whole onion
When its goin down she got that geronemo for me
Got a bitch name cris, that only drink mo
I got a bitch name mo that only drink cris
I bring crissy mo, mo, I bring mo, mo cris
Meet em at the mo mo and then I fuck both chicks
Cuz bitch I ball, john wall, chris paul, paul peirce
Bitch eyeballs ill fall out her head
I overball jus like eyelids
Im over yall jus like pilots
Stop eyeballin this life I live
Ye ain't do shit once that twice I did
So stop talkin bout what you finna do
What you mean to do
What you meant to do
You pretendin you, sargent general
But in general 10 of you couldn't = 1 me nigga
Better act right you could stand on the moon
Wit a flashlight and still couldn't sun me nigga
Im comfy nigga
And you motherfuckers be bums
And im more like a bun b nigga
Underground king come and see what a pimp c
And do you I done done me nigga

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