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DJ Khaled

"Closer Remix (The Chainsmokers)"

[Verse 1]
Yo, we ain't ever getting older, I ain't ever staying sober
Had this chip up on my shoulder.. since a kid I've been a stoner
I remember rolling weed up in the bathroom, past noon in the smoke pit feelin' like I just can't lose
Fast foward here we are right now, thousands of people in the crowd to watch it all go down
A couple haters on my back but they do not know how, to make the music that we make so they should all sit down
I tell them.. "Hey, it's nice to meet you" but you ain't really killin' shit quite like we do, so you can keep trying all these guys are see through
I was drownin' but I made it out of the water like seafood
And it's okay
Yall are more nosey than snoring cocaine, add more fuel to the fire, my rap name should be Propane
So yall can go on hating with you bitch ass but I hold more weight than a gym rack
It's Merk
Chain smoking in the back seat of the range rover
Sipping grape soda with whiskey, I'm about to take over
I stay hopeful don't focus on all the hate no more, no longer friends with the people I had to say no to
Whatever trevor that ain't even the issue, inside my sleeve there's a pistol you'll fall asleep when it hits you
When you wake up from your dream all you'll see is me in your window and the chances of you escaping are like leaving the friend zone
It's Merk

They thought I was finished, right?

[Verse 2]
I know it breaks your heart, to get this rapper in my country, I've been waging war.. but, nobody's takin' our spot, I got you mad 'cause your girlfriend has been playin' our songs
Yeah, I ain't with the fuckery, motherfucker, don't fuck with me
I'm your father, got the game and custody, livin' luxury suddenly all the somebodies are no longer in front of me, on the top, lookin' down, askin' what it's like to be underneath?
Enough of all the braggin', it's some things to address, what's goin' on in this world. Man, I swear this shit is a mess
Everytime I turn the news on it's just get me depressed.. 'cause the government just been runnin' shit, they're sick in the head
Give me a doctor and I bet they say that my symptom is stress
With all these bullshit goin' on, it's hard to get outta bed
We ask 'em to give us change but all they give us is meds, like here, just take a few of these if you just feelin' upset
But nahh..
My mental state ain't the problem, you featherweights with a squab, I set them straight with a chopper like bang
I ain't no tough guy but I'm in rare form, cops shootin' where I'm from, we got no right to bear arms
So I roll another up, I need a light to stay warm, I don't fear another man, I don't even fear God, I'm my own worst enemy, I have no challenges and I'm thinkin' out the box like an advent calendar
Think about it

I got an announcement to make
I apologize to absolutely fucken' nobody
Round three, knock out

[Verse 3]
The flow immaculate, so much passion inside of me
We been livin' and dyin' and can't even see the irony, half of these rappers babble 'bout stackin' cash and be lyin' but you tell yourself it's true 'cause you rather do that than try to be more honest with yourself
Yeah, I get it, it's true but you the reason that this shit is gettin' million of views, see they been on vacation while we still in the booth 'cause we don't care about your chain, your whip or your shoes, nnaaaah
It's frustrating, fuck waiting for my turn, it's Big Merk, what I spit is contagious like a germ, I'm done playin, pour a gas at one day to feel a burn
So if you don't get the picture, yet today you gon' learn
I used to have big dreams of goin' major, I've been shitting on them so long, I ran out of toilet paper
I ain't done, man..
I'll be right back
I'm at the store buyin' more and I still got gas

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