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DJ Khaled

"This Mornin'"

[Verse: Rob Markman]
I almost got shot last night
Fuck it, everything is alright
Wrong place, wrong time, anyone could get it
And this movie that I'm in, coulda ended like Menace
I thank God that he saved me in the edit
And stopped my baby from cryin' at the credits
Woke up this mornin', layin' in bed
Thinkin', "Shit, if I ain't duck, man, I coulda been..."
Wouldn't be here now, spittin' this gospel
If you ain't in a box, then everything's possible
My man used to spin 'fore they shot him to death
Coulda been Esco, he coulda been Flex
Know a crackhead who rap, coulda been X
And a dude with a handle who coulda been next
Fuck the shoulda, coulda, woulda, I'm gettin' it now
Nightmares of my peers that's dead in the ground
This is all I ever wanted, and everything I worked for
Penny for your thoughts, I just knew my words worth more
And I don't even know what hurts more
To get it and to lose it, or don't get it at all
I'm speakin' French, this booth, this my sanctuary
Fulfill the promise to my people that I made already
Hovain believed, my brother saw the vision
Gon' multiply this money, we all understand division
If you want it, then you take it, nothin' here is given
I'd rather ask forgiveness than to ask for your permission
Uber everywhere, yeah, this shit different
I say Uber everywhere, that means that I'm driven
Seen brothers gunned down, and family go to prison
How I'm not supposed to get it?
I just pray you might believe
We all have a right to dream

We have a feel good story thanks to Flatbush, Brooklyn native Rob Markman, who saw his longtime dream come true today after he dropped his debut EP. Markman, who's known as one of hip-hop's leading journalists, actually started out rapping as a teenager. While the move to release music is a surprise to many, Brooklyn residents on St. Paul's Place and Crooke Avenue where Markman grew up told us they always knew Rob had what it took to make all of his dreams come true. Well, from everyone here at BK News, we just wanna say, congratulations, Rob

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