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DJ Khaled

"Last Night"

I almost got shot today
It's funny, tomorrow I'm 'sposed to move away
Got the U-Haul packed, the feeling is strange
I'm tryna get up off the block, they tryna leave me like Caine
Could still hear the thunder, could still feel the rain
And that nine millimeter go bang
Can't fall asleep, I'm just laying in bed
Thinking shit, if I ain't duck, man I could've been...
They coulda left me on that corner and my mama in mourning
Couple shots, couple strays all came without warning
No phone call from Pop, I ain't Ready to Die
My whole life on this block, but I'm saying goodbye, love
On my Guy shit, my Teddy Ri shit
My A. Cruz, Sugar Hill, Doe or Die shit
That '95 shit, Ralph Lauren fly shit
Crew love, my team tighter than a fly knit
We all tryna win and I ain't with the fake shit
We all gang, but we only gonna make it
We play Kiss all night 'til the day lit
And play the pavement up until the K's hit
Everybody seen it, won't nobody say shit
Told him keep his head up, then he caught a facelift
His lady did the setup, the situation's heinous
Same old song, everybody heard the playlist
I'm just thinking damn man, that coulda been me
Couple haters 'round the way think it shoulda been me
Couple steps the wrong way, that woulda been me
Couple shirts, couple tats, plus a mural for me
Guess God got a plan it might just seem
And I'm thinking "Why me?" with what I just seen
You'll go crazy tryna fight these things
And I just wanna fall asleep, I gotta write to dream

[Outro: Amber King]
There was a shooter tonight on the corner of St. Paul's Place and Crooke Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. It's unclear if there were any victims, but police rushed to the scene after several 911 calls from residents who tell us this is the third gunfight this week. We can confirm there are several shell casings and traces of blood on the sidewalk, though no bodies have been found. We approached one eyewitness who was reluctant to talk and told us gun violence here is nothing new. We'll update you as the story develops. I'm Amber King from BK News.

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