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DJ Khaled


[Intro: DJ Khaled]

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
Once again I return
Most niggas ain't expect me back so soon
They put me in the mix, i had to up to pro-tunes
That's what I had to do
Too many dr. claw ass niggas
I had to call the go go gadget goons
I said it before, my niggas tight
I can call them tonight and have them put your head in the floor
My fans begging for more
White kids in my neighborhood like "wow dad his car looks way better than yours"
Woop, woop! Hit the button to open up the garage doors
Old schools pretty like the [?]
And im the new addition so bitch get in your seat 'fore i make them Backstreet Boys come after N'SYNC

[Interlude: DJ Khaled}
Yeah, man, that's the Pree Ringz
This the warning, man
This T-Pain AKA Gasoline
Light y'all niggas on fire

[Verse 2: T-Pain]
They say I walk around with NB on my chest
That's cause hoes walk around like NB is the best
NB is the truth
Man, I got government motherfuckers like "everybody down! TP's in the booth"

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