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DJ Khaled

"LISTENN - Intro"

I work my whole life for this
I mean I've seen so many road blocks
So many devils in my way
But to be honest with you I see nobody
I am the best!
Its the DJ Khaled The Don Dotta
The Big Dawg, Pitbull, Terror Squadin
Aka Da Beat Novacane
Aka Li-Liiissstteennnn!!!!!!!!!
Oh you think it's a game huh?
I'm a problem! Dade Country stand up!
This album is historical! It's classic!
Oh it's not a game!
Fat Joe (Crack the realist!)
Young Jeezy (YEEEEEAHH!)
Kanye West (It's Kanye)
Bun B (It's the Calical cowboy)
Trick Daddy (Forever thuggin baby)
Plies (Recognize y'all)
Rick Ross (ROSS!)
Lil Wayne (It's Wheezy)
Birdman (Brrrrr)
Juelz Santana (EY)
Slim Thug (Thug yall)
Bone Thugs (We come straight for ya)
Chamillionaire (It's Chamillionaire)
Trina (Diamond Princess)
Twista (Twista spit it for hustlers)
Freeway (It's going down!)
T.I (That I'm the king)
John Legend
The Runners
Akon (Konvict Music)
Jadakiss (AH-HA)
Beanie Sigel (Holla at cha boy)
Styles P (Let's go Khaled)
Dre (This is, This is)
Paul Wall (Holla at me baby)
Pitbull (EYYYYYYO)
There's so much more on this album it's too many to name!
I'm a problem and do yourself the biggest favor
And Lliiissstteennnn!!!!!!!!!

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