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DJ Khaled


[Verse 1: Kuro Silence]
These niggas shady like they're drapes
Love a nigga till he's getting paid
Ain't show no support
Till I sounded like them major names
Now they say you major man
Might just turn into Jermaine
Except you came from soda pans
Duck that shit on day to day
Cool but you ain't getting fame
You ain't like these city kids
Talking bout you shooting shit
Bird flu might just get you clipped
But we trying to be that clique
Tell me is you down with it?
Or is you gonna run from this?
Live on wires all the time
Even over county lines
Thought that stopped that mindset
You must live in visions blind
Dreaming don't see eye to eye
But who's vision is awry
Wary of them crossed lines
Or you're hit on blindsides
Could be wealth or iodine
Lack of health or city mind
Block in hell don't know sublime
Bury bodies by the pile
Digging graves don't notice how
Fucked the situation is
Fuck another niggas bitch
Then dip tell him that you did

Liberty or death

[Verse 2]
Pull up on the stoop
And the troops go shoot
Real killers no bloop
Got you leaking red pools
And wondering who
Got my head on a swivel
Especially around the gardens
Where possessions part with you
Looking like an exorcism
Paranormal passerby

Money on mind and
Greed in his eyes
Green his domination
So it's jealousy in twined
He'll never escape it
He don't understand why
Don't really care
He just want whatever shines
Aiming for my light
Malice trying to dim mine

Live on pay to pay
Hope it never comes my way
If it do I might mistake
Fall away then go blank face
Blues ones in my pocket on
Scarface made me think
It goes my way

Never understand why a man don't cry
Till you understand when you see a man die
Where do you stand when you live like I on the edge of do or die
Go ask rakim if you know that shit
Fore the ledge ends and you fall jump ship

Don't pay attention
Like your living with dementia
World spinning so you know it never ends your
Problems don't matter on the other side
In truth it's all the same
Different circumstances
I mean look at how we bang
Comptown, chiraq same shit
It'll end the same
If that hammer click
Don't want to die
Sleep with an open eye
Fore they make your mind open
Dark Skies
Yeah yeah

Say we
Trying to get paid
Fuck that bitch I guarantee that she gonna give me brain
Fuck her cell
I'mma slide up in that dm
Then back to blasting
We get active on the pm
Goods we snatching them

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