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DJ Khaled

"Child's Play"

[Verse 1: Kuro Silence]
Chilling on the road, rolling with my homies some popping smoke
Green like artichoke arctic teeth will choke
Breeze just like the flow wait till breeze return
We four deep it seems sometimes it's five
But we keep the vibe and we duck the five
They'll grab you quick man this shit is sick man
This shit ain't slow and the ground is low
They'll drop you far 'fore they drop the charge
And I ain't never seen the back of a squad car

But I know I'm close so I take it slow and I keep control
Cause everybody know

If you ain't off the street then you're just street man
If you're a kid they take you for street kids
And say you're tweaking and kill your weekend
That's we stay on the move when we hang

Cruising down on 695 without a 9 to 5 tryna stay alive
This shit is new to me like baby booty cheeks
We freshmen to living our life off the streets

[Pre Chorus}
This child's play
This is the way that we live everyday
I ain't pushing no yea
Just trying to make sure that I can get paid (x3)

Play, pussy, pleasure
Play, play, pussy, pleasure (x4)

[Verse 2]
Lacking ambition and yelling out bitch every time that we get it the charge of the kid that can pull the most women
With pools that they swim in
It's bay watch with liquor
Hoping the girls will give up the business
We're trying to get in it got to make sure
That the girl is the thickest
Got to be dope survival of the fittest
Chilling in Kyoto with Japanese women
With sake on sake or Saki on Saki
Looking like anime making my fantasies reality
Make sure my wallet is deep as the sea
Figures of six is all that we see
Seven if you feel like fucking with me
Seven if you feel like fucking with me

I'mma hate myself for overdraft fees (x2)

But I can recoup if I drop a trapeze (x2)

Tell me to slow down if you can't follow me (x2)

We be the kids dancing in our reign youth feel eternal
We vagrants we stay faded we're fated to party away
So don't even worry about yesterday
Just go ahead and mix yourself a drink that purple, that yellow, that orange, or that pink and hit some of this then go buy a mink Cause child's play is short as you think

[Pre Chorus]
And it'll be over as soon as you blink
This shit will be over as soon as you blink (x2)


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