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DJ Khaled

"Westwood Crib Session Freestyle"

Look at the flick of the wrist
I dont see you niggas getting no bigger than this
I got money and need to pick in a peak
Women love to fuck a nigga one need to kill with the heat
Rollie got the black diamonds got the tars in it
I take a first class ticket and put them pars in it
I got a couple a bitches and kingin' diamond
Could sit when a nigga
Icey to light it hipnotize your bitch
Niggas need to get their shit straight
These niggas need to get their motherfuckin shit straight
Niggas love to say im broke how i was running round 50 thou
Plus a feature name bieber on a mixtape
I got the glass walls for the crib sake
I gotta hit it at it i make the crib shake
I gotta take advantage of the chance that I'm granted
Just to see these hatin' niggas make the sick face ohhhhh
Well how you love a nigga, its either leave it or pimp it
If she as fuckin' niggas
I keep an oven open over these
Suckas i ain't fuckin' with these niggas
That hated but said that they love a nigga noooo
Ain't no time for co-signs niggas wasn't givin' it
These niggas was livin' it up
Droppin the rock im pickin it up
Robbin the game im stickin it up
Flow stingin' like spillin per rocks still in the cut
Still in the cut for niggas think im givin a fuck
Not never im probably the hottest ever
Yes nigga i been on this obsecure level that niggas can never Matter with
We are not the same as rari with saddle sit
Lamborghini dark grey metal tint
Its evident
I dont wanna fuck with niggas i know im better than
So i think you niggas better just
Im predator killin any competetor
You can throw a better this nigga we on some betterish
Im still stuntin every ways through the mind it is
Hip a hop doctor im giving niggas thermometers
Oh i am still killin niggas with rhymin
Im kickin it out early im still a nigga with timin
Niggas they talk swag im still nigga designin
All of my bitches bad they still equiped with the finest
I dont play no games i gets paid
I dont need a father rap i sensei
Niggas want beef i give em a mince maid
Its either you call a piece or catch us some mince grave i know
So classy niggas they won't pass me chicks
Used to diss can kiss my whole ass cheek
Pause, no flaws through my last week
Im just thinking about the jaws on my last freak
Bad bitch last week she was past flee
Shawty so clean so nasty
Shawty so cool won't last coz the cash rules i need cream im so Ashy
Uh and boy i stunt
I'll employ yall boys to my store out front
I'll employ yall boys coz i know yall front
I'll flame yall niggas like a flame ass blunt
Imma tell you what i want lil mama
The hit it like kick it like punt lil mama
Imma a D-boy lil mama and your man a decoy lil mama
Tell a bitch deploy lil mama
So she can see joy lil mama
Imma a prany still smell blood in the water
Still thuggin still mud in the water
Still fuckin when im chubby still churchin your daughter
Still fuck with your mother i dont fuck with your father
Niggas got me standing like t-fly
Have my nigga scrambled like free flies
Shawty see my man get a touchdown
She had to let my man in like ely
Offensive im so offensive
If you are sensitive get this we lay on niggas streets like shes on Picnics
And bitch im rich and yes im this sick no
My watch roll no dont tick tick
Yes bitch im this kid thats still ballin
1999 vinch carter and yall fuck niggas is benchwarmers
We ball the stinch on us
We go hard this on us
Cops try to lock us throw to throw some ments on us
Baby mama they just tryna throw they rents on us
Car dealer he just tryna throw some tints on us
Couple bitches that was tryna cop a dents on us
Spanish love me coz im say im good
I fuck around im in the fuckin hood
Everyday im in a different hood
Im vocal, im so bifocul
If i dont like you trust me im vocal
Bitch like rough dicks trust me i'll choke her
I'll stroke her like im old school
Oh no pro tools im so cool
Still fuckin up with these bitches and no
They no fool uh im still stuntin
Sippin on that
Still frontin man fuck it
Im still sippin on dusse
No ofence to chris but i still want karuecche
Still ballin on the mothafuckin day tho
Niggas gotta see me and they gotta she the fuck low
Tell a motherfucker better lay low
Before we have to grip up and cop and shoot clips like halo
No xbox but you niggas can catch the next slot
In the ground my niggas is going down
40 on the pound im steppin in london town
Tim westwood we smoking the best good
Tell a motherfuckas i ain't 2pac
But you'll catch 2 pops you gon need a vest, shook
Niggas dont play no games
Im so fuckin nasty i dont snitch dont say no names
Im bout to kill every TO nigga that ever came up inside the Building
If they say those names
Listen its one umbrella
We one forever
Understand i got my gun forever

Lyrics By: SumanStudios

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