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DJ Khaled

"Before The Party [Tracklist + Cover Art]"


1. Counterfeit feat. Rihanna, Wiz Whalifa & Kelly Rowland
2. Go
3. Sex
4. Holy Angel
5. Pussy
6. Play Me
7. Gotta Get Up
8. All I Need feat. Wale
9. Text Message feat. Tyga
10. Redlights
11. Just So You Know
12. Ghetto Tales
13. Come Home Tonight
14. The Breakup
15. Hell Of A Night feat. French Montana & Fetty Wap
16. Freaky Shit
18. Won’t Change
19. Here We Go Again
20. Freak At Night/FAN
21. Swallow Me Down
22. Till the Morning
23. Right Now
24. Seasons Change
25. Roses Turn Blue
26. Second Hand Love
27. I Can’t Win
28. Matter
29. Lipstick On The Glass
30. Scared To Love You
31. Show Off
32. Desperado
33. Trust Me

Mixtape cover:

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