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DJ Khaled

"I'm a Stunna"

Yeah nigga, that's what it do
That's what it does, that's what it is
And that's what it always was
You heard me? Believe that
This what is hidden for homeboy
Take this one to the bank nigga
And I can vouch for that, believe that

[Chorus x2]
Bitch I'm a stunna, a rap hunna
I'm just a nigga with a whole lot-a-money
Bitch I'm a stunna, a rap hunna
It's a M.O.B. with the money and power

[Verse 1]
Nigga we don't move hoes nigga, we move 'em home
Got the game from the G's nigga, straight of the floor
Uptown nigga with his uptown soul
Flip a ice neat nigga, drive a red rose
Hold up in the kitchen gotta heavy on the load
Hustle from the front straight to the back door
Money like trees, flippin' these flees
Bitches all over cuz they know we got cheese
Rife M.O.B., that's how I be
Cook a whole [?], let him fly on the street
Tall like a motherfucker, condo on the beach
Thats how we livin', with the gators on the seats

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
We put the marble on the floor 'cause we shine condos
Them niggas act like hoes, we let 'em all go
Coming out the ceilin' with the chopper and some dope
Stuntin' on them bitches in the Bentley four door
Half a bird nigga with his ounce, asshole
Poppin' at the mouth like his hair can't glow
Baby mama drama, she was born in the U
I was born in the milf, got the game out of nowhere
13 bets & I come up outta nets
Coochie [?] put me down, I love my set
KC put me on 'til my first dollar
I was 16 years old with a meal and job bitch

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
City full of murder nigga, that's what we know
Fuck him, if he gotta go then he gotta go
Cash ain't quick nigga, hustle full of licks
At the same time, nigga flip a whole brick
Sayin' niggas poppin', sayin' niggas ain't shit
Money ain't long nigga, bitches ain't shit
G4, Lambs, Maserati is the shit
From the bottom to the top with a bad bitch
It's my round now, when them niggas come around
Tommy-gun banana clips make a loud sound
Brand new crib and we built from the ground
75 carats and we blowin' out the pound
One hundred

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, thats what it do nigga
This stuntin' shit go so muthafuckin far nigga
That's the business homeboy
We be stuntin' on them bitches every chance we get
We be flossed out, shinin' on them hoes nigga
You know how we do nigga
So pimpin', so flossy with it nigga
Can't know one do it better than us
Wassup Young? You heard me? Fuck 'em
Number one, that's what it do nigga
Stay shinin' on them bitches
Stay grindin' on them bitches
One hundred, yeah

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