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DJ Khaled

"All The Time"

Nigga I'mma stunt, yeah I'mma shine
Grind all the time with this money on my mind
Gun in my hand nigga roll extra clips
45 Mac 11's all chrome shit
Nigga I'mma a hundred and I ride big time
26, 28's, Nigga stay fly
Keep extra clips, fully loaded in this bitch
Rollin' in this mothafucker born hood rich

[Verse 1]
40 cal Nigga in the 2-2-3
Left holes in the seat nigga, fuckin' with a G
Got 2 titties, A-R front line
51 on me, Maybach all the time
Now I'm on the grind, five star to them hoes
Know I got this money so I play it how it goes
Burnin' on that kush and they like that fire weed
Off in the shack and we do it like bees
Whole things runnin', bitches keep comin'
Fast lane in the hood, stuntin' every summer
Made it to the top, never see what's the bottom
Know about the bottom where it rain and it shower
Phantom in a Range, tinted with them thangs
Nigga ain't shoppin' if he playin' with some change
Birdman daddy and it's not to mention
Family rules nigga so we get it and spend it


[Verse 2]
Fact remain nigga, my hood still the same
Got the fire work nigga makin' all the change
Bitches givin' brains, niggas ain't the same
Got the lil homies out ridin' for the flame
Warehouse full nigga, nothin but some bricks
Got some toilet paper nigga full of that shit
Came back with it, did a few things
Shorty made it home and I bought a new ring
Gave it to my jet, fuckin' with the homies
Went back home nigga, fuckin' with the homies
Got a big house feel back on my shit
Got a million dollars, nigga born hood rich
Back on my set in a brand new truck
Rally stripe nigga only play one color
Not even to mention, doin' it out my senses
Leapin' for this money nigga, jumpin over fences


[Verse 3]
Special with the tool nigga, flew to Las Vegas
Known as a whale so you know they can't fade us
G4 nigga manufactured of this game
One flight same night, did it for the change
Made a lil' homie all he needed for the fame
Got all the game so he took it to the range
Gun point nigga, one work nigga
Do something get money, don't hurt nigga
Cash money bet, I roll up dice
Stood in the fog if it meant my life
Jet right quick, hit the store in the bay
Get the purple kush and we burn everyday
Back with the Lama, get it where I stand
Got to work with me so you know I'm the man
M.I.A. nigga, ain't hold me down
One on my crown nigga, I put shit down


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