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DJ Khaled

"I'm On One (Remix)"

(I get 'em up!) I'm on one
(I get 'em up!) Fuck it, I'm 'on one
(I get 'em up!) I said I’m on one

[Verse 1: Wale]
Two white cups and I got that drank
Two dyke jawns but tonight they straight
Redbox flow and I do not date
Real G shit I don't use no cape
I get my cake; I love hip hop
J Cole, Don Trip, Drake, Big Sean
Nigga wanna act we can get improved, bread on me that's a garlic knot
Tats out and my hair long, loud shit, Weird noise
Like B.o.B., Got airplanes, not one J, got a pair or more
Folarin bitch realest nigga in this ho
Shoutout to them niggas who still fuck with me at Interscope
My ambition to blow
This is why I'm in this fo
Women at my pole
This is oh so much like getting votes
I make her kitten moist, this is why her nigga mad
I just give her bigger O's, he just get her bigger bags
I'm an asshole, so what my bitches like it?
I'm why she get excited
You why she buy devices
Tightest writer to write it, dopest flower to quote it
I'm zonin; I'm out Seattle with Little Cheyenne and Tony
What up?

[Hook: Drake]
All I care 'bout is money and the city that I'm from
I'mma sip until I feel it, I'mma smoke it 'til it's done
And I don’t really give a fuck, and my excuse is that I’m young
And I’m only getting older so somebody shoulda told ya
I’m on one, yeah, fuck it, I’m on one
Yeah, I said I’m on one, fuck it, I’m on one
Two white cups and I got that drink
Could be purple, it could be pink
Depending on how you mix that shit
Money to be got, and I'mma get that shit
Cause I’m on one, I said, fuck it, I’m on one

[Verse 2: Kirko Bangz]
(Kirko Bangz)
Uh, I'm feeling so throwed
I done had this drink since I was 15
And now I'm finally getting on
Told you bout this shit when I was 18
And fuck it, I'm the new nigga
Don't give a fuck bout how these niggas rate me
Ya girlfriend wanna cruise with us
But I'mma need a badder bitch to date me
Uh, I got this money in my pocket
I won't throw it 'less she dropping
Know what? Fuck it, bitch go shopping
See I always keep it cocky
Cause these niggas wanna doubt me
Talking numbers like a auction, fuck yo Porsche and yo bugatti
That you always talk about, but I dont never see you driving
Cause you know that nigga's hungry, and you looking at a lion
I'm the fucking last king, eating dinner with the mayans
Yeah you riding for yo city, but I'm driving

[Verse 3: French Montana]
Sliding with some hoes, as long as that she's 18
Tryna play it safe, tryna stay up out the state green
Big chain drippin down
Everyday same shit, but when I look back, shit different now
Ridin with the same niggas til the death of moi
Coke boy, Montana, you niggas know the repertoire
Uhhn, That street shit, we live boy
That, that, that, you might, not be here next year boy (ARRGHH!)
Got that drink, might be brown, might be white
Move that brown, move that white
My bitches brown, couple white
Cheese steak, Philly boy, Night life, City boy
Fuck a deal, Indy boy, Two chains, Tity Boi
Like, like, like, whats up with your best friend?
Drinkin Henny straight cause a liver cost ten grand
Houses on my left hand


[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
I don’t know what these haters be talking, I pop any chick that I want
Put your girl in the back of that ‘Bach, main two reasons she ain’t gone front
I minaj with her and her friend, put my main homie on one
But my neck and wrist so stupid, and my pockets be on so dumb
Because I’m on one
Haters we never condone em
Penthouse full of some bad bitches, me and my homies gon show em something
It’s MMG
Ridin round in this Lambo, goin ham dog on Collins
And I’m leaning off of that purple shit, so don’t judge me like your honor
I’m feeling so cold
Yeah we riding dirty but the whip clean
But think a couple years ago
I was in a cell when I was 18
And whats up with these new bitches, and why they all wanna fuck so easy
And whats up with these new niggas, and why they all wanna talk so greasy

[Verse 5: Tyga]
All these niggas stealing swag
I've been getting tats since I was fourteen
Tell my bitch throw it in the bag
Twenty-two for the Balmain jeans
I'm smoking these niggas they needing nicotine
Rat race, first place famous like a Kennedy
All my diamonds lemonade
Hearts stay below degrees
Too many bitches marry them all, #polygamy
Make a waterfall, Yosemite
Highest underrated nigga, I don't need you rating me
Sold out shows way before this shit was BET
Knocking at my front door, bitches trying to peek and see
Last Kings, YMCMB you know the team
Just counted fifty thou in my Waldorf suite
Man, this life's too fucking easy
Ferrari red all over, call it Santa bleeding


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