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DJ Khaled

"How I'm Raised"

I chase that money every day I wake
Oh I keep my pistol on me, yea yea
And I just won’t stop until my family straight
That’s just how I’m raised, Amen
And these niggas got me fucked up if they don’t think I’m grinding
Dude you must be fucked up if you don’t see me shinin
Never runnin to feds who told em my people have crimes
That’s just how I’m raised baby

[Verse 1]
I done been through hell and back but now a nigga still learn
Hope the Lord watch over me cuz I’mma need his mercy
And I’mma put this real shit and this one in my verse
That’s just how I’m raised
Ain’t never snitched or told on my dawg
Ain’t never copped a plea to get off
Ain’t never testified on no stand
Ain’t never point a hand at no man
I done seen gangstas, niggas turn state
Seen some friends who turned into snakes
I ain’t never took for granted no days
Start getting money, them niggas will hate
Pray every day cuz a youngin do sin
Trap with that 40, don’t need I’m a friend
Rack up a millie then do it again
Copped a Ferrari, I call that revenge
Wake up, I’m thinkin the Lord’s giving
Kiss my lil daughter then hopped in the Benz
Honor thy mother, be loyal to friends


[Verse 2]
I heard them people out there, be cautious
Bitch niggas runnin off like faucets
That’s the type of shit that get you in a coffin
No talkin, that 4-5 sparkin
Get money, no sleep, you crazy?
Hear em hating but it really don’t phase me
Straight cashin, I whip no payments
I make a movie like I know Pete Swaily
All of my life I just wanted to ball
Most of my niggas still dodging the law
Rest in peace to my homies that lost
Word to my fam, I do it for yall
Fuck all you pussies, you haters will ball
When you go broke there’ll be no one to call
You’s in em hustling hustling, Lord amen
Only interested if we talkin money
Clique full of real niggas with me and they all 100
Come now lay me down to sleep
Thank the Lord for every day I see
Told my mama put it all on me


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