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DJ Khaled

"Fight Night (Remix)"

[Intro: Takeoff]
If you know me know this ain't my feng shui
Certified everywhere, ain't gotta print my resume
Talking crazy, I pull up andale
R.I.P to Nate Dogg, I had to regulate

Public Service Announcement
Where all my rich niggas at, man?
YRN shit, man

[Hook: Takeoff]
Broke niggas stand to the left
My rich niggas stand to the right
Lil' mama, she keep looking at me (lil' mama!)
I'ma knock the pussy out like fight night
Hit it with the left, hit with the right
I'ma knock the pussy out like fight night
Beat it with the left, beat it with the right
I'ma knock the pussy out like fight night

[Verse 1: O.T. Genasis]
Imma knock that pussy out, george foreman
Put my meat all on the grill, george foreman
Pull up in a new 'rari, george forbes
She gon flip, so it's george and four men
O my god, oh my god, two freaky with a [?]
She gon give a nigga head, collage
Hit it in the elevator like [?]
She a stripper, so i had to throw cash at her
Look at what she [?] look back at it
I just wanna fuck, i dont wanna date
I ain't trynna save a ho, i ain't want you, kay

[Hook: Takeoff]

[Verse 2: J-Doe]
Now you know i be standing to the right
Ive been standing on this side for my whole life
Nah, you ain't got nothin on these Ni-KES
You ain't met a nigga dressed like ME
Mu'fucker, i pull out your bitch and then i rubber
And then this other bitch was blowing up my phone
She been waiting for the dick all night long
Well that ain't overdue, tell that bitch she got a G holdin' up
Cause [?] and that shit mo' important
I told her 'hold up or never click back over'
Hello? what up? can we do it? sho' nuf'
How much? okay! mu'fucka I be on my way
Lemme get up to [?] cause i know that's what you want
Bitch you lyin' if you say you don't
I know what the biz, and i know you know it too
So, what you think a nigga like me about to do?
Go and get it, ho

[Hook: Takeoff]

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
First she tryin to get my shit off
Shawty fucked me like she tryin to rip my dick off
I couldn't even get my shit off she put it on me like you couldn't even cut a switch off
She sucked it like she tryin to tear the skin off
She made me beat it till she swollen, now the skin soft
She made me eat it till i choked and made the kid cough
You know i need it till i drown and even get lost (In it)
I beat it till she asks a nigga (Wait a minute)
Then make the tape and have a blast (And she was in it)
And she seen me beat it now she act like (She ain't with it)
But she seen this money and now she can't (Touch this midget)
Now lemme just pull my rocks out
Diamonds dripping off of me, falling all 'bout
I dont give a fuck bout what shawty be talkin' 'bout
I pound the pussy, shawty got knocked the fuck out

[Hook: Takeoff]

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