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DJ Khaled

"Hold U Down"

See baby I ain't tryna to hold you up
Just tryna hold you down and show you what's up
I'm just making it real
2 step with the shake in my cup
Ain't tryna make it love, I'm just tryna cut
I'm just keepin it real

[Verse 1: Chinx Drugz]
You the hottest in the game
Baddest in the biz
Got 'em by land slide
It don't matter who they is
We supposed to be involved
Now open up them walls
Let a nigga in
This game I defend
Dope boy with the dreams of a billionaire
With this furr on I look like a build-a-bear
Don P up in the fridge with the steel doors
Truth put their heart, I'm just tryin to steal y'all
I ain't trying to hold you up, tryin to hold you down
Seat you in that 4 door and let you roll around
V wear shawty married to the mob
Took an oath for this things
Said she vow to play her part

See I ain't tryna hold you up
But I am tryna hold you down
Baby I just wanna show you around
Let me show you how I put it down


[Verse 2: Chinx Drugz]
Hair match your dress, clutch match your heel
When we steppin on these hoes they be trembling of fear
No 5 percenter but she got a God body
Shawty so short, (she started) arm robbery
Like the pre-season opener we kick it off
Coupe with the red tag we gon rip it off
Burn it down while we cruise up the west in
Only thing feel better is a fresh M
Her ex nigga couldn't ball told him pass the bill
I hit the court and I did it like a cavalier
That's why her jewelry box shine line a chandelier
Let's kick our feet up in the sweet up at the tangier



For real, cause your body so thrill
Keepin it real, for real
And I love the way you strut in em heels

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