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DJ Khaled

"Up In Here"

[Intro:Ace Hood]
Ayo Chinx
You know it’s murder one
When we pull up on them niggas
HA, Ace!

[Hook: Chinx Drugz]
Pull up in the truck, or the drop
RIP and we done kill the parking lot
We kill the game but we came off the block
And fuck it back in I’ma get it on the top
They know we up in here, (actin like they know)x3
Told shawty hit the pole and i ain't talkin bout a vote

[Verse 1: Chinx Drugz]
They know we up in here, getting faded like they here
For the first time but I’m acting like I been here
Flash out to my haters, big crib with no neighbors,
Knows this spot, rushes out Oakland call it Raiders
Work hit that pot
Fresh off that block, Niggas snitchin’
And Homie he on't play that, hit em with the sock
Like a gangbang Im yelling fuck em all
Two straps on my shoulders; overalls
Head shot, night night niggas dozin off
Coke boys play the game like there’s no tomorrow
I steal your bitch and you report the pussy
Shoot my load, then I’m tryna get out the pussy
Drums sound like Reggaeton
Make them boys bag it up, n take it home, yeah
All this water on me nigga needs sewer
Like your bitch tracks nigga we up in here

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Okay, murderer murderer, you should call the coroner
Have mercy I just kill the scene and pull the foreign up
Roly on, .40 tuck, stuntin' Ion give a fuck
I don’t really feel good, throw some money up
Walk in the club wit them bottles a liq
Diamonds to cover the neck and my wrist
Still I’ll be balling Michael Kaulin
Poke the.. under the rim
You see me nigga
This Cuban link a kill em
Them Feds watchin' nigga
Thinkin Im dope dealin'
Just pop that pussy lil mama and back it up onto the realest
Whpping the coup with no ceiling
I need at least 100 million
Im tryna to ball forever, 40 cars or better
We the best coke boys, I put that shit on whatever
I’m an animal nigga just put some fur on my leather
Haven't been mountain climbing, all these rocks in the bezel
Michael Phelps in the money, got on two gold medals
If them niggas still hating, I tell em six-four leters

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