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DJ Khaled

"I's A Playa"

I's a playa, I's a mack, I love getting at these ladies
But not more than my paper stacks
Now rule one get yo'cash on M.O.B
That's Paper In My Pocket, my nigga P.I.M.P

Homie don't hate me mayne, just hate the game
The only reason yo' woman digging me cause I play with change
Don't take it personal my nigga, I don't love her, I'm a playa
She just gon' keep me company while I get lifted as I lay her

[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]

See mayne its bitches on me all the time. Some skinny and tall, and yellow and purple, like them almond brown
My seats recline. I'm dicking her down, I hit that from behind. When I'm on my grind she texting saying this dick is on her mind
Her nigga tripping never fuck her he just beat her down. So shit I slide in put nine in then I leave the town
Don't beat around. Don't leave around no evidence. See I get high then I come down, my dick is heaven sent
Then she got that picture so she started getting on that other shit. Trying to get her nigga back in check so she started telling shit
Like " Yeah I'm fucking him and he do me better than you." When that's a nigga that I know, no trip cause we ain't cool
Went through this shit with the same nigga back in grade school. But see back then he use to hate on me I played the fool
Then I fucked this nigga main bitch eight years later ooooh. I played it cool. Don't try to play me like a fool
And then this bitch went and got all up in her feelings, trying to make him jealous
Went on the internet and told some people she was pregnant, and said Bangz after that. Like the kid was mine
Then admitted she lied, man my dick got bitches loosing they mind


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