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DJ Khaled

"Shaman Shit"

[Intro: Bernz]
Talk to yall on this one...iMayday! iMayday!
There's too many things in this world that I want
Too many things that I dream of and yet, I don't obtain 'em
Yeah, c'mon!

[Verse 1: Bernz]
Fast cars, fast women, yeah I said it all before
I was born to travel up instead of stampin' passports
Get it while the gettings good
Now she's asking me to push
Cancel my plans for the evening just so we can fuck like heathens
Heavin' and breathin' heavy, screamin' and leavin' sweaty
At first she wouldn't let me but now baby can't forget me (huh)
Guess that's how life is, this shit is so ironic
Yeah she got a superman but when he gone I'm pussy robbin'
Sloggin' the noggin' that border rockin' and drivin'
There's no stoppin' what's happenin' only option is more, more
So if you see it, be it
Playa you must believe it
Some have to rob and steal it just so they can feel what's yours, yours

[Verse 2: Anjuli Stars]
Ayo, I'mma get what's mine
My mission has crossed the line
Your vision is forced to blind
Your gimmick has lost it's mind
The critics that hate, the money I make
The way I be on my shit
I caution the cake the way that I bake
My dough be the bombest lick
Been livin' the days of gettin' the praise
There's always a crypt in your haze
The thought of rejoice and ?
The harder the voice for me to speak
I'm seeing the clouds
Smokin' I'm hopin' there's nothing like leavin' the ground
I'm floating away
Why did I open I'm hopin' I'm leading the way

[Verse 3: Wrekonize]
Had a dream last night and it felt so real
I misspoke on a welcome wheel
Better fill it with change
Rearrange and the frame and the pain man I seldom feel
I took that dream and I bought it
This simple scheme and I'm on it
I walk these beams of vomit with a demon on it
Get a piece I got it
I'mma fast car, fast fram
Free yourself and snatch gems
Meet with me let's patch trends
Ain't nothing but the life in here
I took all that I needed
Finer things we can achieve it
Diamond rings she swear she need it
I came here with less than I leave with!
This world is asinine
Get rich quick and half the time
Ain't come here to pass the rhyme
Or to master lines with a damaged mind
I'm only here to pull the plug out on the real world
And live it freely cause it's not easy to feel good!

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