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DJ Khaled

"We Takin' Over"

(Douggy G)
Douggy Doug, Douggy G or Douggy Fresh
The name don't matter cuz I'm the best
Like to get high and let my words digress
Took a chick home to bust a nut on her chest
So you say IOU?
No you owe me
It's not an econo-you, it's the econo-me
Got your girl on her knees
Beggin for the D
Sayin "Please, please," so I had to please

Once I took it out for her eyes to see
She said a little ride was all she needs
But she rode all night, like she got that fitness
Last thing she said, "Didn't think you'd fit in this"
Nine months later had a baby with a note on my door
Turns out pullin out can leave some doubt
Don't rely on coitus interruptus
Best Bankstas alive, don't interrupt us

When you put this on your iPod
Just call me Tripod
I'm quoting Milazz when I say "Oh my God"
Gotta respect my boss Jeff just to keep my job
But I won't forget my old one Moeck
Future roomie
If I needed I'd find Nikki so she could profuse me
And these lines are like a bomb, so better diffuse me
If you wait too long, your girl she can't refuse me
Last thing she'll say, "Just use me"

When the rates are low don't be hatin
I'm like Kim Jong Il, Straight proliferatin
Not like droppin bombs, but chargin fees
Freeze your assets like the FDIC
Runnin world markets and economies
Don't be fooled, we own Bernanke
Listen to the beat, respect the transition
Up next my boy Matty C
Now listen

(Matty C)
Bought out Wu-Tang Financial
Bitch it's Bankstas, spread like evangel-
Lists of players, loan to the mayors
Convict music, Matty C Madoff...
Guess now I'm a rappa
Still we crackas
And if ya ask "What's
Crack-a-lackin?" it's "Not a lotta"
If you throw a high-five then we probably wanta

And me & those guys on the mic will smoke ya
Roll up your tunes, Tony Tiger toke ya
Take ya back home and breakfast toast ya bitch
My volcano vapors choke ya
Cough cough
Drop top
Roll up at dusk takin loans from the night drop
Turns out Douggy G was a closet fan
Matty C pausin beats in Garageband

Hold up
Y'all should see us make it rain when we close up
We got bitches dancin on the teller line
I'll paint that picture, I ain't tell a lie
Um...them moves didn't come from Step Sing
Her look'll straight slap you
Name of Laura Matthews and
Ka-Ka Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Kelly got that AK
Call her KK
Kate Horn hey you're on my boat

I'm on a motherfucking boat
Stuntin at the lake, Ricky bleedin on the flo'
He too drunk to know I'm in his momma's pink robe
Slippin and fall into the bottle
Go dumb on the mic, hustle now you know
Beer like wine, salmon Capistrano flow
Window closed, flow devil awaits
My brother incinerates

(Mr. Jimmy Jangles)
A new era of banking is upon us
Jr. new to the Bankstas respond thus:
"Out of this world!", Olympus-Mons us
Leave who came with brains cattywampus
Main branch baby
I'm limb-walkin crazy
To the top of the trees where I be seen so plainly and vainly
On 2's and 4's like a (snare) drum
Money so sick check out my gross income

More than a teller, I'm a P.B.'s brother
More than a friend to the money, I'm a lover
But no kiss-and-tell cause my pockets smothered
Overdraft protection baby, we got it covered
We're not on fire, we'ze just blazed
Bankstas prepare you up like souffle
Roll you up dope like you a new dank
And light you up son, like you'ze a new day

We're heavay the way
A first place trophy would beh
We're an anomaly
To what is normalay
We're do not cross like a police line
Still get you a checking account with us today
Open you up like you're one of our safes
Banksta's out like bankrupt corrupt banks suck

It's cause-and-effect like claws to the neck
Funny how a few lies turn into wrecks
Funny how these new lines cash like checks
Sole collateral are kicks in your neck
Jr. ready for combat, got comebacks like deposit-mats
Banksta's don't bounce we roll stank stat
Withdraw, we're spent, no refunds on that

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