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DJ Khaled


I'm not a fan of saying first and good-bye is a disliked word
So how am I supposed to make friends? I got my eyes turned
Down towards the floorboards, clown dudes and poor whores
Yeah, I remember the day, why it was fourscore
And seven years ago when they debuted Texas Slim
Lasso doorhandles, "hey you! Let us in!"
Jesus Mexicans taking our jobs
Godforsaken hick slobs on the couch watching Cops
On the regular, here to mess lyric smuggling embezzlers
Bumping Infinite Em because googolplexes the rest of them
It's definite like most is, heaven sent like Moses
Replica of Crash Nebula, see I'm the chosen
One from Toonami, Jump Shonen, Nickelodeon
Grow to work custodians, cleaning up all this bogus shit
Keep your head high and hopes down low
Remember days yet to happen where I sold out shows

Say hi, hello
Greetings, how are you?
Good-bye, catch you later
I'll see you tomorrow

He's kind of known to talk gibberish, guilty, walk innocent
Clean record, throw a filthy cloth in it quick
Flow sweet like dark licorice, smart-different
Distraught in the heart and thoughts ignorant
Question authenticness, this real
Seventeen years, still buying the Kid Meals
No time for big wheels or chains with bold gold
Just a poor soul with no goals to grow old
This the fourth-life crisis, most die lifeless
Posted couch priceless with cold Klondikes
Touching gold like Midas, keeps it to himself though
Lickiding his elbow and seeing all the rest go
Butt stuck to his cushion like it was velcro
Red like Elmo with he grabs the mic like Kelso
But he does other stuff, right? Hell no
Spits crack like back when the Liberty Bell broke

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