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Master P


305 Shit Nigga
Yeah go head act like you don't know
Good Luck

[Verse 1]
My Niggas is locked up and don't even ask what he in fo'
Beno don't play but Nintendo
Im owning this Benz and this shit is a Rental
Im the only one rapping
All my niggas is still trapping
Ha ha ha to the bank nigga that was last week and I'm still laughing
All off a check hoe
Im inking these deals off a pencil
These niggas is talking I'm being neglectful
I fucked your BM just to be disrespectful
Don't try me my nigga you said you was loyal don't lie to me nigga
We put in work when the money was low now I come by don't even say Hi to these niggas
Ungrateful ass man I hate y'all niggas
If it wasn't for rap and I had an AK I would spray y'all niggas
But Im tricking off in this hoe
I come up
Aha, Okay, Whats up? SHUT UP!

Balmain hoe thats all I know (Im just so disrespectful)
Brought my bitch just to shit on yours (Im just so disrespectful)
Don Cs on y'all snake niggas (Im just being disrespectful)
Rose on y'all fake niggas (Im just being disrespectful)
Im tricking off on your baby momma (Im just so disrespectful)
I bought that bitch every designer (Im just so disrespectful)
She gave me top in that whip (Im just being disrespectful)
Yo bitch in love with my clique (Im just being disrespectful)

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