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Master P

"What's Ya Point?"

[Intro: Fat Joe]
Yeah, uh, Terror Squad. (TS)
No Limit fam
Uh, TS. (TS)
Yeah yeah yeah, uh
NY to the NO
Puttin it down like what
Don Cartegena the leader
Yeah, uh

[Fat Joe]
Who gives a fuck about a nigga like you (like you)
Bitch rap cats'll see right through (right through)
East, west man you know how we do (how we do it)
Down south my niggas bout it and we bound to take it all from you
I'm from the streets of NY where the wind don't die
We even try to bake the cake or pie
????, bust on by for my niggas incarcerated
Where you gotta do life or get your life confiscated
I often made it through the cold stages
Where the government supply drugs and breed thugs in all ages
Caucasians givin core cases
P's chase us like horse races
Battin down on all faces
Everyday it's like the same old shit
I ain't goin bit, my motto's like make more hits
Terror Squad and the No Limit fam for life
Don Cartegena, Mama Mia
[Mia X]
Yeah, that's right

[Chorus: Mia X/Fat Joe/Snoop]
What's your point nigga, what you tryin to say
We got the same types of thugs right around my way x4

[Snoop Dogg]
Walkin through your backyard, knockin down your trash
You move too fast and I'm a blast your ass
Will a nigga do this or will a nigga do that
Just know that my four four packed, don't pull back
So roll back, regroup, thank me 'for you come up
Please put your gun up, fool you gettin done up
I'm one up on every motherfucker in the giddame
Act like you don't know my motherfuckin niddame
And things won't never be the same again
Ain't no slippin to the quicken, we hit this game again
What's your name again, I'm the capital S
You know the motherfuckin rest, I'm from the motherfuckin west
Side of the coast, east side of the beach
School of hard knocks, graduated straight from the streets
Shit, my hair got longer and my pockets got bigger
I got love for real nigga so what's up jigga

[Chorus x4]

[Mia X]
I'm from the itty bitty city at the bottom of the Mississippi river
Where niggas quick to kill ya if they don't feel ya
Still the southern hospitality is all good
Just don't be fuckin around in none of them small hoods
Mama Mia, the queen of the south
Who states somethin like the one in my mouth
Love the NO, represent it till the day that I die
But I'm makin merges from CA to NY
And the tight connections, Terror Squad and DPG
And TRU soldiers nigga, N-O-L-I-M-I-T
We all the same, we used to slangin when we gangin niggas
I slang the pound different but we all about the drama
Hit the enemies down
Send your whole block all covered in duct tape ??? down
Get the ransom out this motherfucker
Love of the hood, we stay representin
Yall don't recognize a soldier blood and thugs love us in a song

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
Say what, say what?
Say what, say what?
Same shit, same shit
Same shit
Same shit go down in my hood go down in your hood
>From New Orleans to Long Beach to New York
To Alabama
To motherfuckin Connecticut
Overseas where the G's don't even speak this shit
Same shit go down
Niggas need to unite, get this paper
Cause we on a mission
Terror Squad, No Limit, DPG
That's how we doin this shit

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