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"Hey There Mr. Brooks"

[Intro: Danny Worsnop]
Oh, you're back to me
And the hunger returns!
I told myself
I was done for good!
All the memories
Of all the pictures burned!
I see them dancing!
My heart begins to pound!

[Verse 1: Danny Worsnop & Shawn Milke]
I didn't make a sound!
They didn't see me coming!
The lights are left on
The curtains left wide!
One scream, it's over
I lay them side by side
Side by side!
Holding each other

[Chorus: Shawn Milke]
I'll be there in the morning
With a smile on my face
I'll be there in the morning
To start it all again

[Verse 2: Danny Worsnop]
Boy, you caught me red handed!
You've got no fucking clue what
You just got yourself into!
Panic runs down your leg
Seeing me kill again!
You just got yourself caught
And you don't even know it!
On the drive you get the rush
And pull the gun on me!
We make the stop
It's time to be set free!
Oh, the bullet's gone!
I take this spade, I slit your throat!
You fall into your grave!
I cover up my tracks, I'm done!
I won't kill again!
I said that's it, I'm done!


[Outro: Danny Worsnop]
No, she's daddy's little girl!
She wasn't meant to be another me!
But it's the scissors to my throat!
To my fucking throat!

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