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Das Racist

"Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist/PatrickWhat Remix)"

[Verse 1: Heems]
Beatin’ when I should be freakin’ till the weekend’s done
Chiefin’ when I should be sleepin’, drinkin’ Puerto Rican rum
Vampire life steez, but I’m no Jim Jones
Cold as wind blow, through my window
Can’t sleep tonight, or until the morning
Rub one out or get a bone in, eat some melatonin
Equal parts Dolph Lundgren and a dolphin
Endorphins, Mighty like the Morphin
Power, Rangers, my life’s stranger
Life’s a bitch, but I don’t wanna try to change her
My arms achin’, and my legs too
Look at me sideways, try to behead you
Wanna roll the sun up and smoke it, no jokin’
Bumpin’ rails of the moon like hocus pocus
Slow kid make dough chips
He focused, but dopin’
Colder than the winter get to warmer than the dinner is
Catch me at the crib watchin’ TV on the internet

[Verse 2: Kool AD]
Ham and cheese (w)rap, I don’t even eat that
Pitchfork.com I don’t even read that
Blood of a tiger, heart of a king
Carlos Estévez, more or less Mexican
Brown Adonis, but more honest
More charmless, more harmless
Riding on a ???? with no harness
Arms for the armless, farms for the farmless
Ring the alarm, it’s the wolf in sheep’s garments
I’m Cheech Marin at the Chicano art opening sponsored by Target
Chancletas on the red carpet, faux Marxist
Throw me in the tar pit, La Brea like
My way plus the highway, Kamehameha like
The whole game lame, players stay alike
Wack, dumb, stupid, I could be all three plus I could lay the pipe
Sometimes I feel like I wanna die, but I was born in the sky
So I gotta fly

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