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"Im need Some Company"

Where I been alone far too long with you girl then I saw her walkin down the strip with her Friends, were I wanna get with her so like she didn’t notice me walk by her beauty smile and she so hot in that Babyphat sapphire shirt & sexy booty cut shorts, when She gets bored with her ladies been lone without a man by your side and she pulls out her phone started calling the number that was folded up while I was at studio in the recording booth, then my cell phone was Ring,Ring,ring so I said hello who is this but we talk all night long and she asks me do you need some company for little while

Chorus: if Yo ladies some attention just call on me, whom I will prove ur girl if you need it I know got it, if Yo ladies some attention just call on me, whom I will wipe down you so right now

{verse1 Young Deshawn} where I was looking for it with you baby then she came with that look in her eyes so feels depressed, were I invite her in for spent some time with the one give her everything that she needs in the morning light you lay by my side and She’s lay her on my chest all ever she wants, then she woke up went down stairs there I was in the kitchen cooking something that’s is great for my baby

[verse2 Trina]

Where he wants to take a trip to Panama City beach and I had nothing else then went outside pull off sheet cover under it was dodge charger were We Ridin into Sunset why he holding my hand, then I got one hand on the wheel were we got there just in time for the Festival event for me and I couldn’t believe it his buddy was a dancer of the Show so she told me too wait for her, were after the show was over she whisper in my ear “ come with him back to hotel room for midnight Lovin’

[ verse3 Jackie o]

[ Verse4 Kelly Rowland]

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