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"Bite Me"


[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
Woke up this morning, bussed down a swisher
Looked in the mirror, like I'm one rich ass nigga'
Brush my teeth with 100's, wipe my ass with these 50's
All about the Benji's, competition can't fuck with me
Know these nigga's envy green bottle Remy fifty, in my semi
Waka Flocka Flame, I'm not friendly
I'm so motherfucking neighborhood, let's get that understood
I'm not crossing over, this ain't b-ball
Got partners behind the g-wall, 30 for a murder, dog
So I gotta get it all, I pull up in a 2 door
Same color as some puddin'
Goddamn that car good lookin', driver good lookin'
Goddamn them rims good lookin'

I know you fuck nigga's don't like us but we don't give a fuck
Copy-Catters Bite Us, they swag suck
Know you bitch nigga's gone hate my guts, Bite Me
If you think I do re-write me, they say that imitation flattery, so Bite Me
I put the Tre-8 in your mouth, I make you like it
They say that mimicking is flattery, so Bite Me
I put the AK in your face, and I make you like me

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
No chit chat, hit me back
Gucci did this, Gucci Mane did that
If I did this and I didn't do that, Why'd I do that, Why'd I do that
Put a little of this, with a little of that
But ain't nothing little about that there, cat
Triple black, back to back
By myself, still back to back
Call me stacks, because I got them racks
Got them green bags, duffel bags, can't hold cash
CEO, labled as, and it cost a price tag, but made me glad
I'm so jazz, I'm so class
I don't need no bronco to make me mad
Bitch ain't bad
Watch them chest and the mouth like a mad, got more bags in his stash
Oh my goodness, she sitting in pudding, feel like she shouldn't
Why she shouldn't, Why mess with hundreds, Ride 'round in Bentley's
I know the average block was poppalin'
Don't like me because I'm fucking Icy


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