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"Sittin' on D's"

Yizzup, reppin all out, representin the bottom nigga undastand this....its twelve months in a year, six months to mind ya buisness, and six months to stay the fuck outta mine, and hopefully its a leap year, so you can take that one extra day, and think about all the dickhead shit that you did this year, shit, cuz you ain't got no money....yup!!!!

Now they wanna roll wit me, get dough wit me, drink mo wit me blow dro wit me fuck hoes wit me, they squeeze wit me open cheese wit me fleck d's wit me, you ain't gone neva see'em sittin on d's wit me...

I remember back in the days we slang a lil crack in the days but now he broke and he lackin these days, but where he was when i was doin time no collect calls from my, so called dawg and not a damn dime, now he feelin like i owe'em somethin, sendin messages like a ho or somethin talkin bout throw'em somethin, if i ain't got it i ain't ya dawg no mo, is this here wit worth workin for, in that case then i ain't got it then, i'm with the hens of yo fake ass body benz nigga, only thug niggas roll wit me get blowed, fuck hoes and get flow wit me, pussy nigga

I done struggled strived damn near died kept it real with all them cats i supplied

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